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We are a multimedia arts organization that collaborates with artists to document, showcase, produce, and broadcast a half-hour TV show.

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Start a media lab that functions as a hybrid between a public access TV station and an A/V production facility that fosters community.

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LA Media Lab brings artists together to create and share information through sound and video.


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The LA Media lab serves primarily as a public access station. The secondary purpose is to provide a workspace for artists and the local community to engage and showcase their work. The third function of the center is to host a variety of workshops that range from the basic principles of television production to more hands-on skilled media production methods. Workshops will include lighting for television, video synthesis, photography, live sound recording, and animation. Our own project Experimental Half-Hour has developed and united a growing network of amateur and professional artists, videographers, and musicians eager to access a center like the one we propose to facilitate.



We have already began to implement the foundation of our plan through building a mobile studio, hosting live television tapings, teaching A/V workshops, and collaborating with local artists. We are adept with both the professional equipment and support skills needed to create a public forum accessible to children, artists, and people from the local community interested in working with media and video.

We will select a centrally-located space in Los Angeles to serve as a broadcast center. Our vision is to build two TV studios: one housing a traditional three-camera setup, which allows more complex tapings and visual effects. The other will be a smaller studio serving more intimate video tapings. Several adjacent multi-use rooms will serve as classrooms for youth education and training for emerging and established professionals, with public workshops, and in-house artist studios and residencies. Through the media lab’s outreach and workshops, community members will be trained in how to operate equipment and develop the audiovisual storytelling techniques necessary to realize their vision.

Geographic selection of the space will focus on the eastside of Los Angeles, a region underserved with local resources, rich with cost-effective space, and located at a demographic cross-section. Within our rental budget we can procure a space both proportionate to meet the needs of our facility and centrally accessible to the diverse communities we will serve.



By creating a publicly-available media lab we will enrich the community through active participation in events, tapings, and broadcasting. The lab will serve as a hub for Los Angeles audio and video culture both through providing the end-product, and through serving as a central meeting point placing exhibition space and artistic disciplines in context with a larger community.

It will reconnect the community to lacking resources by providing a facility specialized to meet a number of activities. Hosting residencies for guest artists will further aid in diversifying our growing creative community - allowing interaction with and exposure to working artists in Los Angeles as well as international artists working in alternative media. Giving the local community exposure to artists and resources has a myriad of beneficial social, cultural and economic effects. The center we propose to establish will enable local community members and children to gain valuable skills and resources to prepare them for a lifetime of creative work in digital media. Additionally, our media lab would allow skilled artists to employ their professional training for use on a community level.

There is a lack of access to public media resources to an ever technological oriented culture that we hope to account for through our center. Our media labs will fill a broad variety of needs: as a way for people to inform each other and express their specific voices about their local community needs; as a way for people to engage with their own community on a grassroots level; as a way to give marginalized voices in the community a sense of agency; and as a way for the community to produce work using professional media equipment that is otherwise out of range. Our center will help to produce videos that community members want to share with the rest of LA.



Through the establishment of a media lab we will take what our city is notorious for— media production— and decentralize it into an everyday act artists from across Los Angeles can participate in. By moving media production away from only being in the realm of large corporations and into the hands of the artistic and local community we will establish LA as a vanguard for multimedia art production and groundbreaking exhibitions.

Our center will positively reach a range of people. It will benefit local artists through allowing access to video technology that is otherwise limited to institutions or commercial ventures. It will provide a space for them to experiment with new ideas and work. It will benefit community members curious to further their knowledge of video and digitized forms - those interested to produce their own media, whether it’s a vlog, television show or video installation. It will positively impact the local youth because it will offer an inspiring, exciting, and professional environment where one can be exposed to the infinite possibilities that video technologies and multimedia artists have to offer.

How will your project impact the LA2050 "CREATE" metrics?

Employment in creative industries

Arts establishments per capita

Concentration of manufacturing activity in LA

Federal research grant funding

Patents per capita

Jobs per capita

Minority- and women-owned firms

Gini coefficient

Number of high-growth startups

Venture capital investment

Measures of cultural and global economic influence (“soft power”) (Dream Metric)

Recruiting and retention rates at local higher education institutions (Dream Metric)

Percentage of graduates from local higher education institutions that remain in LA County 5 years after graduating (Dream Metric)

Unemployment rates (and opportunities) for the formerly incarcerated (Dream Metric)


Please elaborate on how your project will impact the above metrics.:

The skills we would offer to the local community are very valuable in creative industries. Los Angeles is the destination city for media production and because of this our media lab will contribute to creating a more empowered and skilled workforce in LA.

Artists in LA need more venues in which to showcase their work and engage with the local community. They also need access to broader resources. With the media lab, it will be more feasible for artists to undertake projects that would have been out of their reach due to the limitations of technical resources.

The organization of Experimental Half-Hour is directed by a first generation Mexican American woman. We hope to give more minorities and women access and skills in the media production field through outreach and skill building.

The media lab will provide opportunities to less advantaged minority groups and artists. It will help to make Los Angeles synonymous with growing artistic and community cultural influence.

Youth attending workshop classes will be more capable of enrolling in film and media programs at universities.

The media lab will provide a foundation of resources for recent graduates and encourage them to stay in Los Angeles.

By the very creation of the media lab, Los Angeles will become a better place by teaching use of equipment that artists and the community would not have otherwise accessed, connecting liked-minded community members, increasing participation in local arts, and providing entertainment through the production of multimedia art.

LA will LEARN the power of media through outreach, classes, and summer youth video camps.

LA will CONNECT through community participation and viewership of original community TV.

LA will become a more vibrant place to live through the interaction and give opportunity to PLAY through increased arts awareness.



Pasadena Arts Council
GYST Radio

We have worked with each of the partners listed above and each brings a unique element to the project through their individual strengths. The Pasadena Arts Council will serve as the fiscal sponsor for this project and is the current fiscal sponsor for Experimental Half-Hour. Ghosting.TV is LA’s premier monthly artist hang-out and screening series of cutting edge video art and animation. Through the use of our media lab’s space they will be able to expand their reach to a growing audience and continue to host visiting artists to present their work. Through our collaborations with DJs at LA based FM radio station KXLU, we look forward to having a more consolidated space to host events and remote broadcasts. Dublab is a non-profit web radio collective that has been broadcasting independently since 1999. They curate shows and host video screenings - sharing a vision very much aligned to ours. A broader space for us would facilitate more productions for our collaboration[s] and would benefit not only the scope of their programming, but the local television and media platforms in LA. For the UCLA Hammer Museum’s 2014 Made in L.A. biennial exhibition, KChung Radio launched its subsidiary television network KChung TV and hired Experimental Half-Hour as video technical producers to help realize their project. We loaned them our mobile studio system and trained KChung volunteers to use the equipment so they could produce their own series of variety shows. GYST Ink is an artist-run company providing information, technology and solutions created by artists for artists. GYST would be able to use the video technologies to broaden their journalistic coverage of the arts community.


LA is the best place to LEARN

LA is the best place to CONNECT

LA is the healthiest place to LIVE

LA is the best place to PLAY



Participants in the first year

Exhibitions Held

Measurable press from events and exhibitions



Having a public community station is important. When we lived in Portland we saw the impact that it had in the community there. Whether talking about social issues or making creative videos the media center provide a hub for people of all class, viewpoint, ethnicity, religion, and aesthetic.



We currently have a three camera mobile HD TV studio, however we lack a permanent home and studio to be based out of. With the monetary support from the LA 2050 Goals grant we will be able to secure a location immediately, build out the space, and start planning the public programming for the year. The project is fully achievable once a space is leased. Half of the equipment has been purchased and we have several community organizations on-board to contribute to the initial startup of the facility.



Our biggest barriers are space and money. We need funding to rent and outfit a space to better serve the community. In order to account for our lack of a consolidated space, we’ve had to host events in site specific places. While this has been good, we think that a permanent space would allow us a broader range of programming as well as allowing us to be able to realize our specific vision. We’ve been able to hold fundraisers for past projects and events. This space would allow some leeway to focus on fundraising efforts because so far we have been dealing with finding a space as well as fundraising.


Money (financial capital)

Volunteers/staff (human capital)

Publicity/awareness (social capital)

Infrastructure (building/space/vehicles, etc.)


Technical infrastructure (computers, etc.)

Community outreach

Network/relationship support

Quality improvement research

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We definitely need to get this resource and resulting works to all LA residents online, rich or poor!

by jaredhardy
over 1 year ago

Yes! Would really love to see this happen!!!

by adam.ferriss
over 1 year ago

I was going to vote for this until I saw the project for the Women's Center in dtla. The homeless need this more than you guys. There's also a production program at LACC, which is an alternative.

by chamilton
over 1 year ago

Do be a part of their contribution to arts and beyond, you'll be glad you did!

by m_purse
over 1 year ago

The EHH has been providing combined technical knowledge and experience to produce a steady output of artistic cultural activity through media creation and events by and for the citizens of Los Angeles. There is no better value than the investment in insuring this organization has the financial support to expand its mission.

by thehammer
over 1 year ago

More of a need than a want... EHH is a major facilitator of unifying the Los Angeles music and art scene. Hardworking, creative people pushing ahead and looking to the future to bind our culture. Bring this!

by beyondhope
over 1 year ago

Experimental Half Hour is an amazing organization- the world needs more like it! They have been a huge boon to the community in Portland, LA and abroad. I can't wait to see what Brock and Eva will do with this project in the future!

by SaneAdultHuman
over 1 year ago

LA MAKE THIS HAPPEN! EHH Media lab means more opportunities for artists to learn and expand their practice with amazing collaborators, how could you NOT want this :)

by puropuro
over 1 year ago

So excited for this project. Experimental Half Hour is top notch and this project is really important to our music and art culture here in LA.

by seahorsesoundstudios
over 1 year ago

Brock and Eva are true media pioneers and their efforts to found a Media Lab in Los Angeles is a necessary step in returning broadcasting access to the community of greater Los Angeles.

I am incredibly inspired by Brock and Eva's work and have dedicated my life to a very similar goal as theirs, the creation of a new type of community media for the digital age. We NEED this! We need community access. We have the power to make a new, non-corporate television. LA Media Lab is a start.

Please support!

2050 needs the Los Angeles Media Lab!

by arewenotmen
over 1 year ago

Experimental Half-Hour is an amazingly wonderful asset to the artistic community which they have demonstrated through hosting workshops and collaborations. Their years of dedication gives proof to their commitment in what they believe in which is connecting communities and bringing fulfillment and support to these communities. Eva and Brock are incredibly generous and I know they will continue to do wonderful work with communities they touch.

by midori.hirose.9
over 1 year ago

I have followed Eva and Brock from the time we all lived in Portland, and nothing would make me (and my community of friends) happier than this project being put into commission!

by cincosanders
over 1 year ago

Through Experimental Half Hour Eva & Brock have showcased the talents of artists working in a range of media and have created a platform allowing their work to be seen and shared with new audiences. Over the past year alone, I have been inspired by the creative collaborations they have united, the dedication they have to this project, and the resources they have created through their mobile studio for experimental artists and their work. I have never known two people who 'rise to the occasion' more than them - whether setting up their studio and broadcasting artists from a festival in 112 degree desert heat, to curating experiential events of sound and vision, to enabling other organization's umbrella projects to be realized through sharing their expertise and facilities.

Realizing EHH's media lab would be an unprecedented development for LA - one which would both build upon EHH's vision and create a sustainable open space connecting communities of creatives and the aspiring curious under one roof. With our digital age's growing developments and reliance on technology, both artistically and culturally, a media lab like this is truly important and essential for our city. LA is at a deficit for an open creative space where technological education, hands-on experience, and collaborative experimentation can thrive, and there are no two people more adept and perfectly suited to make this happen than Eva and Brock.

Please support the next step in shaping the future of LA by voting for this project - LET'S MAKE LA's FIRST MEDIA LAB HAPPEN!

over 1 year ago

Fantastic stuff. This is so many of my favorite LA artists going in a collaborative effort that will spin off in a bunch of different ways. Can't wait to see how it unfolds.

by scott.godwin
over 1 year ago

The foundation for this project is very special and unique because it is an opportunity for LA to build community and collaboration while offering skills development. This project would provide access and space for artists from underrepresented communities who otherwise would not have access to technical equipment and/or space for creative projects. This project would provide the technological skills that many individuals need to pursue careers in our technologically driven environment. LOS ANGELES NEEDS THIS!

by laguinig
over 1 year ago

Experimental Half Hour is an important addition to Los Angeles. As Experimental Half Hour, Brock and Eva have more than proven themselves as a reliable source of interesting and relevant programming while producing a much needed window into the burgeoning audio/visual scene. The proposed media lab will not only benefit those artists in the community who need an outlet for their work but will also open doors to those who are new to this amazing community.
I for one think this is a fantastic investment. Choose EHH!

by sam.newell
over 1 year ago

EHH is a vital resource, a living document of fringe culture as it happens in real-time..The output of relentless community-based action on the part of Eva & Brock is astounding..cannot wait what the future will bring ..Hurray!

by AlbertOrtega
over 1 year ago

EHH is an important, unique, and necessary part of the experimental art scene in LA. We need this!!!

by chickensexer
over 1 year ago

Over the years I have collaborated with Brock and Eva on a multitude of projects, spanning a number of different artistic mediums. Their clear vision combined with an enviable work ethic and technical skill has made working with them a genuine pleasure. I've been privy to see them create beautiful audio-visual environments with only the sparsest of materials at hand, always making me wonder feats they could accomplish with a full, proper studio at their disposal. The work they have created or helped to create has been nothing but inspiring to the community at large.

by jed.bindeman
over 1 year ago

This is a crucial project, with huge implications! Bringing access to alternative communities through media production in a location that dominates media production gives so much agency to culture producers and community members!

Brock and Eva are amazing to work with. They are enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and overall... nice and helpful. They facilitate production with openness and ease and as an artist who has worked with them I could not have asked for more. This effort deserves ample support.

by K.ChristyRoberts
over 1 year ago

I've worked with Brock and Eva while they were in Portland and have never worked with a more passionate, dedicated and professional team. Their artistic and technical direction was very creative. I look forward to seeing the things Brock and Eva achieve in the future.

by aaron.montaigne
over 1 year ago

This would be an amazing asset for artists of all types in Los Angeles. I really hopes this receives the support it deserves. If anyone can do it, it would be Eva and Brock.

by tinalovesbutts
over 1 year ago

Eva and Brock did a fantastic job documenting the Portland underground scene a couple years back, and I know their talents have only gotten better. They have an incredible enthusiasm, and work very hard to bring high quality, obscure music and art to a wider audience. I worked with them on an episode of Experimental Half-Hour, and their natural talents and strong work ethic made for a great show. I wish them the best of luck!

by Dewmah
over 1 year ago

Experimental Half Hour has brought tremendous culture and vitality to the experimental music world and Los Angeles!!
Please support the development of this public access studio, media lab for video and sound and the EHH's dedication to art and music.

by justgabriellausesthis
over 1 year ago

Hopefully Eva and Brock get this award so I can move to LA and join forces with them. They've had their finger on the pulse of avant garde music and performance art for a long time and are an incredible resource for fans and creators alike. I've had the pleasure of working with them on two occasions and can't recommend their program highly enough. Portland certainly misses them. Quite a gain for the arts community in LA.

by MikeErwin
over 1 year ago

I worked on multiple projects with Eva and Brock on Experimental 1/2 Hour when they were in Portland, and they are an absolute treasure for a creative community. They're hard workers, fun, open to ideas yet reasonable about what is and isn't possible. So many awesome projects were realized in Portland that never would have occurred if not for their exuberance, vision, and dedication. LA is lucky to have them and should support their work.

by hellospiral
over 1 year ago

Experimental Half-Hour is a major asset for LA. I have collaborated with the EHH team several times and I have nothing but praise for their professionalism, know-how, and passion. LA needs a resource like this to remain connected to the international scene of cutting edge video/performance arts.

by CharlesBoardman
over 1 year ago

Eva Aguila's resume as an artist, promoter, and as director of Experimental Half-Hour has positioned her work as a staple of experimental performance arts in Los Angeles over the last decade. Very few people have the energy, qualifications, and connections she does. Los Angeles Media Lab would provide the infrastructure for the already existent and burgeoning superstructure of LA artists. A vibrant arts community is necessary to the social health of a metropolis. It provides inspiration not only to other artists, but to doctors, scientists, lawyers, businesspeople, and workers of every stripe. LA needs this.

by fungus101
over 1 year ago

A much needed and invaluable resource, especially in L.A. of all places!

by esptv
over 1 year ago

LA is perfect for this sort of endeavor. Desperately needed!!! Please support!

by johnnytron
over 1 year ago

This is a really great project and will be a good resource for the community Please support and spread the word!!

by AdamBHaus
over 1 year ago

Great idea guys! Wish you luck!

by milemilo
over 1 year ago

These guys got the tools and experience to make this work. I am soooooo excited! LA needs this resource!

by RyanCarlile
over 1 year ago

Whoa, I would LOVE to work in a studio like this!!!! Such a great idea!

by Jasonf
over 1 year ago

Need a space like this so badly. There are so many creatives interested in making videos but the resources and space to fulfill projects is limited. Best idea i've heard!!

by prizbrin
over 1 year ago

I need this! I want this!

by vjekoslavr
over 1 year ago

Really excited for this project! I know they have got what it takes to realize their proposal and more.

by bryner
over 1 year ago

This is a much needed resource for artists and the community!

by schnibbe
over 1 year ago

This will be a great resource for Los Angeles. This will not only create a hub for area artists of all mediums, it will also attract others from beyond. The skills that can be taught and shared will help to ensure it sustainability and worth for years. I really welcome this as a community driven venture!

by EntropicTarot
over 1 year ago

This is the best idea! Good timing too.. It's almost like a reanimated art creature of media's youth. A young Frankenstein . A telivised museum of the center of the universe. There's gonna be some good art making going on here if this goes through.
~Geneva Jacuzzi

by genevajacuzzi
over 1 year ago

gang wizard excitedly endorses this project and we are stoked we are performing on this later in the year.

by thegangwizard
over 1 year ago

This is vital for L.A., a platform for education, expression, and creativity!

by melba5
over 1 year ago

Yes! LA needs a Media Lab run by EHH! What an amazing resource to the Los Angeles artistic community. I have seen this team do some mind-blowing visuals around town and bring together amazing artists to aid in the fruition of their artistic visions. Having a home base for EHH to curate their ideas, bring support to the artistic community of Los Angles and aid in the broadcasting of original art is just what this city needs!! And I hope we get it!!

by bridget.marrin
over 1 year ago

This is so perfect for Los Angeles!!!!

by funkel
over 1 year ago

Los Angeles really needs this! It's building a creative community that is so lacking in the United States right now. The infrastructure of art has never been prevalent in our society compared to the ancient Europeans who sought out art and have made it their societal structure in the past. It's very important to assist many artists because they help contribute and manifest a better world through their creativity. The infrastructure will create a society in which arts and culture flourishes allowing people to experience life to the fullest.

by msthaing
over 1 year ago

Personally, I think this is exactly what LA needs more of. Great work guys!

by gx.jupitterlarsen
over 1 year ago

This is something super important that we need to have in Los Angeles.

by david.matheke
over 1 year ago

A permanent space and financial assistance would be incredible for these guys. It would enable exponential growth which would in effect then network OUT through the [our] community. Experimental Half-Hour has shown through their emergent tireless energy, an overt dynamism and generosity. They are a catalyst for many artists, performers, video artists .. and general public. With a permanent space more people in LA could therefore have this opportunity for exposure and learning, to be positively engaged, part of a community, therefore the resultant of Los Angeles Media Lab would be greater contributions and efforts through an assist + enabled accessible participation in Experimental Half-Hour.

by none12345
over 1 year ago

Not since Night Flight has TV looked and sounded so sexy and chocked full of such hysterics mixed with edutainment!!!

Jim from Animal Charm


by jim.fetterley
over 1 year ago

Last comment got cut off! This is such a fantastic alternative to costly venues or universities--both of those serve proper functions, but this could provide wider access to tools and space...while building a solid AV community!

by riotous.excursions
over 1 year ago

"The lab will serve as a hub for Los Angeles audio and video culture both through providing the end-product, and through serving as a central meeting point placing exhibition space and artistic disciplines in context with a larger community."

by riotous.excursions
over 1 year ago

Wow this is an awesome idea - I would totally love to participate if this goes through! (fingers crossed!)

by alexthebrown
over 1 year ago

We must fund the platforms, people and resources for artists. EHH is the place to support. No doubt in my mind. ~Vitamin Wig C

by vitaminwigc
over 1 year ago

This is amazing! LA needs this!

by Maria_christina
over 1 year ago

Cool! Everyone needs access to pro-gear!

by wcfields
over 1 year ago

What a great resource for LA, something we really need to allow everyone to create in this medium, not just big dollar people!

by pickleshine.shine
over 1 year ago

How can we argue with that. We totally support organizations that helps end homelessness. Its unfortunate that we are competing with organizations that offers a necessary stable of life.

by wcfields
over 1 year ago

Daniel Munoz is a prettier name that fungus101...

by fungus101
over 1 year ago

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