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PortTech connects entrepreneurs, industry and community to advance innovation, solve port/global environmental challenges, and create jobs.

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PortTech’s entrepreneur program provides comprehensive outreach, education and mentoring services to promising clean tech startups.

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Our @LA2050 Vision: @PortTechLA transforms #innovators --> #entrepreneurs --> leaders in #cleantech and #advancedmanufacturing.


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Harbor area communities surrounding the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach



PortTech’s entrepreneur program provides comprehensive outreach, education and mentoring services to promising tech startups focused on solving the environmental challenges of port communities. First, we reach out to university, technology and investment organizations to educate entrepreneurs on the environmental challenges and economic opportunities in/around the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. Second, PortTech vets entrepreneurs to find qualified candidates. Through dedicated one-on-one mentoring, we then begin the process of transforming these startup teams into thriving businesses. By helping them take root and grow in the Harbor area, we’re creating jobs and helping to rebuild Los Angeles’ port communities one business at a time.



PortTech’s concentrated effort to identify, attract and retain qualified startups centers around the PortTech Pitch program. The first step of the program is attracting entrepreneurs. PortTech connects with Southern California’s research universities, investment groups, the clean tech entrepreneurial community, and industry organizations to seek out potential candidates. We participate in groups such as the Los Angeles Venture Association and Cleantech Open.

This outreach strategy allows PortTech advisors to broadcast the message of innovation and business opportunities in the Harbor area to more than 3,000 entrepreneurs annually. Through presentations and event networking, we highlight the benefits of participating in the PortTech Pitch. This tailored coaching program provides startups with one-on-one mentoring, constructive critiques and mock judging sessions. Pitch competition finalists have the chance to present to a panel comprised of investors, advisors and representatives of Southern California’s ports.

PortTech Pitch draws upwards of 100 startup applicants each year. The program allows staff to evaluate entrepreneurs’ business plans, validate new technologies and assess each startup’s potential for advancing innovation and solving environmental challenges in and around the ports. Through the PortTech Pitch assessment process, PortTech identifies the best startups to participate in the finals and become PortTech clients.

Finalists also participate in the PortTechEXPO, an annual event that provides technology companies and entrepreneurs the chance to connect with business prospects at Southern California’s ports. The EXPO features live demonstrations, interactive displays and the best technology advancements for ports worldwide. With more than 600 attendees and 60 exhibitors, the EXPO provides entrepreneurs the opportunity to showcase their technology advancements to an audience of port executives, industry leaders, and community members.

Beyond the PortTech Pitch program, PortTech continues to support portfolio clients. PortTech hosts an array of forums and workshops to foster a collaborative working environment and provide entrepreneurs continued access to port executives, government agency representatives, mentors and investors, researchers and industry leaders.



In 2009, the business and community leaders of San Pedro and Wilmington envisioned a future where creative entrepreneurs would solve major environmental challenges facing port communities while at the same time create living-wage “green collar” jobs for area residents. The path to realizing that vision began with PortTech.

PortTech’s mission is to foster and grow startup companies that address the opportunities and challenges in and around the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. These companies assist the ports in achieving their environment, energy, transportation and safety/security goals and in the process help make healthier communities.

In addition, as entrepreneurs succeed they contribute to the local economy by building thriving businesses. This creates jobs and improves economic growth activities in the marginalized communities adjacent to the ports, including San Pedro, Wilmington, Harbor City / Harbor Gateway and Long Beach. These jobs will elevate the types of employment positions available and provide residents the chance to become part of an advanced workforce and participate in the 21st Century’s technology economy.

Looking forward to 2050, PortTech will be the nexus of a thriving technology and advanced manufacturing-based business cluster. Numerous businesses, large and small, will be focused on addressing the global challenges and opportunities of port and maritime-related industries. And the Harbor area will be an economic development engine in the Los Angeles region – creating jobs and generating wealth for these communities.

In our LA2050 Vision, PortTech helps transform:
• researchers/innovators into successful entrepreneurs
• clean technology entrepreneurs into advanced manufacturing leaders
• harbor area youth into career-focused skilled workforce
• demonstration/pilot projects into commercialized products/services
• port-focused innovations into environmental solutions distributed worldwide
• declining industrial neighborhoods into thriving “clean economy” regions



Through meetings, events and workshops we advise and support 80 to 100 start-ups each year. At any given time, PortTech provides one-on-one mentoring to approximately 20 portfolio clients in-house and virtually.

Harbor Area Communities:
As entrepreneurs succeed they contribute to the local economy by building thriving businesses. As these growing companies hire their workforce from the Harbor area, communities such as San Pedro, Wilmington and Long Beach benefit. According to the 2013 LA City Council Districts Economic Report, residents of CD15, which connects South Los Angeles with the communities surrounding the Port of Los Angeles, earn average annual wages well below the City average.

Conversely, clean tech jobs offer more opportunities and better pay for low- and middle-skilled workers than the national economy as a whole. In “Sizing the Clean Economy,” The Brookings Institution noted that wages in the clean economy are 13% higher than the national median wage. Furthermore, 26% of these jobs are focused on manufacturing. With the loss of the shipbuilding industry, manufacturing has declined in LA’s port communities. PortTech can help reverse that trend while helping to define LA as a leader in advance manufacturing, technology and innovation.

The youth of our Harbor area communities have the most to gain. With an average of 24 years of age, the Harbor community of Wilmington has one of the youngest populations in the county. They represent LA’s future workforce and they’re the ones PortTech’s clients will be looking to fill these new technology and advanced manufacturing jobs.

Greater Los Angeles Region and Beyond:
PortTech is a collaborative organization. We connect entrepreneurs, mentors and investors, industry professionals, academic visionaries, community leaders and students.

In 2013, we reached:
• 3,000+ entrepreneurs who learned about environmental and economic opportunities at Southern California ports
• 2,000+ professionals who attended PortTechEXPO, forums, workshops and networking events
• 200+ high school and college students who met entrepreneurs and industry leaders

The green/clean economy – producing goods and services with an environmental benefit – is the focus of PortTech clients’ innovations. As PortTech companies implement their technologies into the marketplace, we all enjoy the environmental benefits of improved air and water quality, and more efficient use of Earth’s resources.

How will your project impact the LA2050 "CREATE" metrics?

Employment in creative industries

Arts establishments per capita

Concentration of manufacturing activity in LA

Federal research grant funding

Patents per capita

Jobs per capita

Minority- and women-owned firms

Gini coefficient

Number of high-growth startups

Venture capital investment

Measures of cultural and global economic influence (“soft power”) (Dream Metric)

Recruiting and retention rates at local higher education institutions (Dream Metric)

Percentage of graduates from local higher education institutions that remain in LA County 5 years after graduating (Dream Metric)

Unemployment rates (and opportunities) for the formerly incarcerated (Dream Metric)


If other, please specify.:

Employment in advanced manufacturing/clean technology

Please elaborate on how your project will impact the above metrics.:

According to the 2014 My LA2050 Report: “Incubators as a source of job creation” and “expanding employment opportunities around technology and increasing diversity in technology entrepreneurship” were top trends that emerged from the 2013 Challenge Grant submissions. “Technology and entrepreneurship education also emerged as a method to solve one of Los Angeles’ gravest issues… education.” PortTech’s entrepreneur outreach, education and mentoring program directly speaks to these top trends.

Federal research grant funding & Venture capital investment:
We conduct workshops that educate entrepreneurs seeking funding. Last year, more than 200 entrepreneurs participated in SBIR grant funding workshops and investor networking events. And our portfolio clients were awarded more than $8 million in funding.

Patents per capita & Number of high-growth startups:
These metrics are indicators of technology innovation. PortTech reaches out to a global community of clean tech entrepreneurs. As they develop products – from R&D phase through commercialization – we support their efforts to protect intellectual property and continue product development. Through our PortTech Pitch program, we attract startup teams with high growth potential.

Minority- and women-owned firms & Gini Coefficient:
These metrics address diversity, inclusivity and equality across cultural, gender and socioeconomic spectrums. We reach out to entrepreneurs from our own backyard and across the globe. Thus participants in our programs reflect that inherent diversity. By focusing on the clean economy, jobs created through our efforts offer more opportunities and better pay for low- and middle-skilled workers than the national economy as a whole.

Concentration of and employment in advanced manufacturing/clean technology & Percentage of graduates that remain in LA County 5 years after graduating:
Job creation is critical to the economy of the Harbor area and Los Angeles. PortTech portfolio companies solve global environmental challenges while creating technology- and manufacturing-based jobs. As these high-quality jobs become available, graduates will stay to work in our communities.

Global economic influence (“soft power”):
PortTech is the ONLY clean tech incubator worldwide that focuses on the port and maritime industry sectors. As our portfolio companies implement environment-changing solutions worldwide, we help define LA as a global leader in advanced manufacturing, technology and innovation.



Collaboration is critical – both to successfully supporting entrepreneurs and to our survival as an organization. PortTech’s founding sponsors include the City of Los Angeles, The Port of Los Angeles and the Chambers of Commerce of San Pedro and Wilmington. However, as we began to implement our programs, PortTech quickly realized that the environmental challenges and opportunities did not stop at Los Angeles’ border.

We work with the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach Technology Advancement Program (TAP), as well as numerous port tenant companies including terminal operators and trucking companies to implement technology pilot projects. We’re also building relationships with ports beyond Southern California to increase business opportunities for portfolio clients.

Through our partnerships with major Southern California universities, including USC, UCLA and Caltech, we connect student and faculty researchers with real-world business opportunities to support technology commercialization. And our outreach efforts to area colleges and high schools are establishing connections to future entrepreneurs and a skilled workforce.

Volunteer mentors from service business professionals and investor organizations such as Los Angeles Venture Association and Pasadena Angels provide our entrepreneurs with expert advice across a wide range of topics from intellectual property to finance to marketing.

Relationships with government agencies, elected officials, industry and community groups, and business incubator organizations all make up the ecosystem of resources that help our entrepreneurs thrive. With funding from agencies such as the California Energy Commission, U.S. Department of Energy and South Coast Air Quality Management District, our entrepreneurs advance R&D efforts and commercialize their technologies.

And finally, as a public-private partnership, PortTech can continue to further its mission through support from philanthropic and corporate sponsorships, and industry collaboration.


LA is the best place to LEARN

LA is the best place to CONNECT

LA is the healthiest place to LIVE

LA is the best place to PLAY



The PortTech Pitch program provides comprehensive outreach, education and mentoring services to clean tech entrepreneurs. In the short term, we can quantifiably measure success in these three service categories:
1. Outreach: We track the level of participation in social media, attendance at events, and ultimately the number of applicants to the PortTech Pitch program.
2. Education: We analyze the quality of our workshops and events through surveys, allowing us to continually refine and improve the presentations.
3. Mentoring: We track achievement milestones of our startup teams as they progress through the program to measure the efficacy of our mentoring services.

As an organization, we measure our overall progress through metrics such as:
• Jobs created, both professional and semi-skilled
• Dollars invested in the incubated businesses
• Revenue generated by the portfolio clients
• PortTech Pitch program participants that become PortTech portfolio clients
• Startup teams that establish businesses in the Harbor area
• Demonstration and pilot projects completed



Customer/market-centric approach is key:
When it comes to helping entrepreneurs, PortTech has learned that incorporating a customer/market-centric approach is key to success. PortTech focuses on connecting entrepreneurs to potential customers during early stages of development to determine what clean technology needs exist within the broader port ecosystem. Instead of going through R&D in isolation, PortTech clients have access to port representatives, maritime executives, and industry experts through trainings, events and one-on-one meetings.

Entrepreneurs benefit from PortTech’s unique location in the heart of the San Pedro Bay Port Complex. The Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are home to hundreds of port tenant companies – from cargo terminal operators to freight forwarders, trucking companies to refineries, marinas to ship repair. There are countless opportunities for clean tech solutions. Furthermore, government policies require these companies to invest in technologies that improve the environment.

Establish a broad, diverse, collaborative network:
Through our experience in working with hundreds of startup teams, we have come to the same conclusion as the Kauffman Foundation regarding the importance of networking – “Strong ecosystems foster successful entrepreneurs.” It’s so simple to state, yet the reality of establishing a diverse, collaborative network focused on a clear outcome takes time and a lot of effort. It is one of PortTech’s strengths and guiding principles.

During the last five years, PortTech has built a vital ecosystem to support our entrepreneurs. This network includes faculty researchers, volunteer mentors from service and professional businesses and investor organizations, government agencies, elected officials, industry and community groups, and other business incubator organizations.



Funding from the LA2050 Challenge Grant will support the continued development and enhancement of the already successful PortTech Pitch program. This program has attracted applicants from all over North America and is expanding globally through a network of partnerships. Each spring, PortTech begins outreach to the clean tech startup community, other incubators, accelerators and associations that work with or provide services to entrepreneurs. Simultaneously, the Cleantech Open launches their annual accelerator program and many of the entrepreneurs will participate in both the Pitch and the Cleantech Open – the two programs are complementary.

PortTech also connects with startups and entrepreneurs at Southern California’s exceptional research universities (Caltech, UCI, UCLA, UCR and USC), investment groups and trade associations to find potential teams for the Pitch. The process has evolved to the point that these institutions and organizations are introducing PortTech to promising entrepreneurs and startups on a year-round basis. Once recruited, the startup teams are provided tools, techniques and resources to develop skills critical to leading and operating their business.

The program culminates with a final competition each September as the kick-off of the PortTech EXPO – the only maritime oriented clean tech exhibition on the West Coast. Participants in the Pitch are provided preferential exhibit space and winners are recognized during the EXPO luncheon. Due to the intense level of coaching and support the startup teams receive through the months-long program, when selected finalists become PortTech portfolio clients, they are well on their way to implementing the strategies to continue building their businesses.



One major challenge is recruiting entrepreneurs to participate in PortTech’s program. While there are many startups in the clean technology field, PortTech’s unique port/maritime focus is a market sector unfamiliar to many entrepreneurs. They underestimate the business opportunities associated with implementing their technology in this demanding, complex industrial environment.

To overcome this challenge, we go beyond outreach to educate entrepreneurs and the service professionals who work with startups on the challenges and opportunities in and around ports. In addition to presentations, PortTech staff members spend considerable time meeting with entrepreneurs one-on-one to help them understand the vast market potential their technologies have with port applications. The opportunities extend beyond Southern California to ports worldwide.

Also, the number of entrepreneurs with clean technologies that have direct port applications is limited. To overcome this, we strive to find technologies that can be repurposed and adapted to ports and are expanding our search to a worldwide audience of entrepreneurs.

The second major challenge is funding. PortTech itself is in an entrepreneurial stage of growth. We are building and expanding programs to better serve and support an increasing number of portfolio clients. The need for PortTech’s incubator services is growing and the opportunities associated with the startup businesses we serve are growing even faster.

PortTech’s mentoring activities do not stop after the PortTech Pitch program. We support our clean tech portfolio companies through the long-term path of business building – from R&D to production to market acceptance. Some of PortTech’s first recruits are now achieving success obtaining customers and creating jobs.

To support this expanding base of clients, PortTech’s staff continues to cultivate partners, build relationships and pursue sources of funding. As clients continue to achieve success, we will attract more supporters, partners and sponsors and move forward as an established organization with a proven track record.


Money (financial capital)

Volunteers/staff (human capital)

Publicity/awareness (social capital)

Infrastructure (building/space/vehicles, etc.)


Technical infrastructure (computers, etc.)

Community outreach

Network/relationship support

Quality improvement research

24 Pink talk bubble tail c96b4a07ef1417e25d0bcf5c4cba4766b8bbf0382f07677990a9d5577885d4d7

As an employee of Port of Los Angeles High School, I have witnessed PortTech Entrepreneurs demonstrate clean tech career opportunities that will be available to the students of POLAHS once they graduate from college. The work that PortTech is preforming is inspiring not only to the students at POLAHS but to all members of our community as we see improvements to the future of our Port!

by lrackemann
over 1 year ago

PortTech is making a large impact on disadvantaged students in our port communities of San Pedro and Wilmington. Port of Los Angeles High School (POLAHS) students exhibit at and attend the annual PortTech Expo and are inspired by green tech entrepreneurs. Students are making college and career decisions based upon what they learn about real world opportunities from organization's like PortTech. PortTech also teaches students about environmental technology and the future of port operations by presenting to 950 POLAHS students at the school's annual "Green Festival." PortTech even employs POLAHS graduates as interns! This is an exciting and innovative non-profit that supports education and students.

by eloveridge
over 1 year ago

I love the project video above. I am impressed with the Port Authority efforts to help promote clean technology have been encouraging to firms like ours. We are setting up a 'Made in USA' brand of electric bikes and scooters and the opportunity from John and others at the Port have been extremely instructive in moving our firm forward.
Richard Awni
PlugnGo Electrixx

by Plugngo
over 1 year ago

So cool! As an ocean fan, I love what PortTech is working to achieve. By supporting entrepreneurs who have clean technologies get their businesses up and running, PortTech is helping the local economy and the environment. As PortTech continues finding and discovering emerging technologies for ports and the maritime industries, they’ll connect with innovations that reduce pollution and help keep our oceans clean and healthy.

by oceanwildthings
over 1 year ago


by eloveridge
over 1 year ago

SanPedroBID2 -
Thanks for the note! And thanks for supporting the efforts of PortTech!

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

What an inspiring video! I'm proud to live and work in San Pedro and I'm excited to see it grow. PortTech will help facilitate that growth for the benefit of San Pedro and Los Angeles.

by sanpedrobid2
over 1 year ago

As someone who grew up in San Pedro, I have always thought that I would need to leave the community to do something meaningful. But PortTech is building opportunities for people my age that want a chance to work in a more inspiring environment.

by jgalvanlloyd93
over 1 year ago

I am excited to hear about a company such as Port Tech. L.A. I love their idea of networking and collaborating within the community while creating opportunities for economic growth and expansion. I am a long time resident of San Pedro and I live in the midst of many small businesses that can benefit from the services that are offered by Port Tech. It is a fact that small businesses help to perpetuate the economy as well as contribute to job growth. Another thing that excites me about Port Tech is their focus on young entrepreneurship. In this ever-changing technological world I foresee an influx of many young people becoming new business owners. Port Tech offered my son his first job and he comes home each day with an exciting story about something new and exciting that he has learned or was allowed to contribute to. In his own words "they value his opinion." With technology advancing our world at such an alarming rate I think that we will soon see more young people creating businesses and thus a greater need for companies like Port Tech to provide information, support and tools to assist with ways to stay in business, grow your business and of course increase profitability. Thank you Port Tech for your contribution to our community!

by karen.ellis.7796
over 1 year ago

Much like a brick house, Port Tech is a fortress of helpful bricks. Everyone on the Port Tech team is experienced in helping companies start up like how a village raises a child. Most other companies in the area don't have cares of what is happening in the community but as a local native, I can personally, without a doubt, say that Port Tech help out the local area. From providing jobs to provide space, Port Tech wants the clients and employees to be successful. I personally know an armful of humans that they have hired in the last few years, that love this company. With the current job climate and exclusivity of the local job market, we need ten Port Techs, or at least a bigger one. If this Sea Biscuit can bring new jobs while companies that haven't done anything for that last 70 years can't provide jobs for the locals, than why I bet all my maze on any other horse? Join me on the fight against job insecurity and job exclusivity, and give the people's Ippo (See Hajime no Ippo) a chance to win it all in the heavy weight fight this September!.

Stay Golden,
Pony Boy

by DanimalsAndGogurt
over 1 year ago

This is amazing!! I love that people are coming together to create jobs in San Pedro despite the low job rate in SoCal. This interview is both informative and inspiring.

by polaroid12
over 1 year ago

This organization seems to have lots of possibilities available for our future in regards to clean energy and creating much needed jobs to help our economy as well as cleaning the environment. I'll be keeping tabs on this company and enjoy how much it will grow.

by josh.tobin.52
over 1 year ago

I have been working with PortTech for a little over a year now and within that time I have really come to see the amount of progression this organization has the potential to bring forth and it is outstanding! For instance, TREXA, the company in the video above, I remember when they became an in-house client, when they found their warehouse here in San Pedro and now they are ready to begin creating much needed jobs. Imagine PortTech being able to do this with other people who have these great innovative ideas, I only see benefits.

by ev.serri
over 1 year ago

I have been interning at PortTech for the entirety of this summer. I must say that they are not only conscious of their organization's needs, but also the needs of the people and community that surround it. They have given me an opportunity to make something of myself outside of school. They have also offered me patience as I tried to find my strengths in today's working environment. I would love to see all the great things they could accomplish for others like me if they received the LA2050 Grant!

by joshua.bonner.92
over 1 year ago

Thank you Goldhirsh Foundation, LA2050 and GOOD worldwide for creating, supporting and helping to give visibility to so many great organizations in and around LA.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

The work POLAHS does and the work PortTech does goes hand-in-hand. You're educating tomorrow's leaders --- and we're making sure these outstanding students have job opportunities HERE when they complete their education.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

Hey E!
We so appreciate POLAHS' support -- we can't wait to see all the students at EXPO. Thanks for the note.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

We at PortTech work with both Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach to support entrepreneurs like you. We hope to collaborate with other ports around the world to further the advancement of sustainable technologies. Can't wait to see you at the upcoming PortTechEXPO demonstrating your e-bikes and scooters. An interesting fact on your site --- e-bikes go 485 miles on a 99 pennies vs 6 miles for an average car!

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

Thanks oceanwildthings! It's extremely rewarding to support entrepreneurs who are creating jobs AND improving the environment --- air, land AND water.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

JGL93 --
An important part of our outreach is to area students. At PortTechEXPO last year, more than 100 students from Banning High School, Port of Los Angeles High School, San Pedro High School and Dana Middle School got a chance to connect with the entrepreneurs. This September, we're hoping to reach out to even more students.

We host our Forum events at LA Harbor College and participate in career fairs to help inspire students interested in tech, environment and a better future.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

Hey Karen,
Thank you for taking the time to write. The best testament to the work PortTech is doing, is that we are attracting amazing young people like your son.

Keep up the great work!

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

Hajime no Ippo -- The First Step.

Pony Boy/DanimalsAndGogurt, you chose an interesting analogy. Didn't Ippo work with his mother in a fishing business? So much of LA harbor area's history is tied to the fishing industry. PortTech aspires to bring new technology jobs to the region, much as the fishing industry once did here.

From all of us at PortTech, thank you for the very encouraging comments.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

polaroid12 -- Trexa is just one company that PortTech works with. With support of an LA2050 grant, we can work with many more inspiring startup companies.

Wilmington, San Pedro, Harbor City/Harbor Gateway, Long Beach, Carson, Gardena... there are so many Harbor and South Bay communities that have a strong manufacturing tradition, but currently have a great need for jobs. By mentoring startup businesses, creating a community of support, and lots of hard work, our organization will be able to broaden our reach beyond our San Pedro home.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

Thanks so much for your note. That's what this grant is all about.... LA's future. All of us at PortTech love what we do because we get to connect with so many entrepreneurs, just like Seth, who are tackling energy and environmental challenges and at the same time creating jobs.

by PortTech
over 1 year ago

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