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Please select the one indicator that is most relevant to your project or organization: Education

What is your idea and how will it impact your indicator?


Imagine a super conference where teachers and students come together to exchange best practices for 1 whole week and share their stories of success and narratives of failures. And do it all PAPER-FREE.

The idea is to have a Paper Free studio for educators to learn new skills to take back to the classroom. We can use more internet power tools to make student learning more meaningful in the new economy. The idea is to get the students in the “drivers seat”, because it is the editor who learns. Hosting teachers of the Boyle Heights Campus and their students for the next four summers at a 1-week PAPER-FREE STUDIO will impact Education in the neighborhood and beyond because it will reinvent the current teaching standard and create a new model for education for the community. The new model will be integrated in Boyle Heights and shape the teachers and students learning experience by showing them how you can use youtube to make a powerful educational channel, in addition, GIS tools, twitter, google apps for education, social media, instagram, app-tivities, iBook, facetime, dropbox, podcasts, and more can be leveraged to teach and learn content anywhere and everywhere.

The project will impact high school completion & the graduation rates by giving the schools on the Eastside access to high quality professional development, with a concentrated focus on technology. By raising the digital literacy for teachers and getting students to develop the foundational critical thinking skills for the 21st century, the human capital of Boyle Heights will innovate and inspire other communities shaping the new LA 2050.

The “CREATE-CURATE-SHARE” model will be used for both teachers and students to learn and practice during the week long professional development at the PAPER-FREE STUDIO in Boyle Heights.

What are some of your organization’s most important achievements to date?


We have launched our flagship after school program, College Track Boyle Heights, which currently serves 60 students of Roosevelt High school to make their dreams of college a reality.

We recently hosted a TRANS4M Conference that featured President Bill Clinton.

79 11th grade students are participating in GIS/STEM project.

We have built a lab with 20 Mac Book airs and 2 Printers to map out solutions for their service learning project, “The Eastside Stories”, this years topic is “Environmental Justice”. Using the Esri technology, specifically, ArcGIS online & Community Analyst the students are tackling topics that range from Murals to Food Deserts. In essence, the lab is available for the entire 11th grade class of the Magnet Academy to do high quality research with GAFE [Google Apps for Education], Esri Maps, iOS foundations, & Discovery ED DIgital Textbooks. The lab will be also be used to support 2 teams from Roosevelt HS US 1st Robotics team. Additionally, the lab is a resource for students to continue project based learning in a concentrated learning environment to implement blended learning successfully. For example, the students can watch tutorial videos during lunch and in an after school STEM-club. In essence, the hardware is designed to provide a STEAM lab for the students of Roosevelt HS to prepare for the careers of the future by giving them a space where they can learn code, check their grades in real time, do webinars with University Professors and entrepreneurs.

Also, the College Track scholars will have 120 students this August and be at full capacity in September 2016 with 240 Roosevelt Students on track to go to a best-fit 4-year university and graduate. The lab the 60 College Track Scholars use for after school tutoring, student life courses, college advisory workshops, and Khan Academy is supported by 20 Mac Book Airs and 10 iPads.

The foundation is making a super big difference today because the students cannot wait. We are pushing STEAM education, full steam.
(STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics)

Please identify any partners or collaborators who will work with you on this project.


Roosevelt High School
Discovery Ed
Harvard University - Dr. Ting Wu

Please explain how you will evaluate your project. How will you measure success?


Success will be measured by looking at the graduation rate of Roosevelt High School. We will measure the content created by all participants [i.e students and teachers] of the “paper free studio” and catalog the multimedia lesson plans and products online to view publicly and privately to help build a Boyle Heights Campus that inspires and innovates. We will monitor the attendance rate of students and retention of teachers and students. Lastly, we will measure success by calculating the percentage of students who have graduated with the A-G requirements from the teachers who participated in the PAPER-FREE studio.

How will your project benefit Los Angeles? Please be specific.

- About 1/4 of the 37 schools in Boyle Heights of an API of less than 5 will raise their API by 1 or 2 points yearly.
- About 1/4 of the 9 schools with an API of 1 will move up 3 points by 2017
- The Paper Free Studio will transform education by showing 200 education stakeholders of Boyle Heights how to do more blended-learning & digital project based learning when teaching and mastering content. Thus, increasing the attendance rates at Roosevelt HS and feeder schools.
- The project will teach educators and their scholars how to code, use GIS maps, and expose students to more digital resources to access higher education.
- All schools will have at least one paper free classroom.
- More digital classrooms in LA will support the 21st century student by giving them the skills to collaborate & think critically, thus, researching information more thoughtfully.
- Create a professional learning network of 200 teachers and thousands of students.

What would success look like in the year 2050 regarding your indicator?


Education in the year 2050 will be paper free. In the digital classroom of 2050, students will only use tablets or computers to create, curate, and share their processes and mastery of content in real time.
5,160 more students will graduate from high school and go off to a 4 year university, because the new educational paper-free approach will cultivate a necessary change in pedagogy and directly impact student achievement using power tools like GIS.
In a 1-3-5 mile radius, 1/4 of the households earn an income less than $15,000, the vision is to produce a higher GDP growth with more students graduating and completing high school with A-G requirements attend postsecondary education.
The percentage of residents 25 and older with less than a high school diploma will steadily decrease from 68.9% to less than 10%. Additionally, increasing the # of residents 25 and older having a four year degree from 5% to more than 25%
The paper-free studio model will be used in all schools in Boyle Heights to improve the access to high-quality college preparatory coursework. In essence, the goal is to transform Boyle Heights by developing the human capital with incredible teachers and showing them how to screencast and create playlists for students to watch and learn.

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I appreciate the ability for both educators and students to learn in a paper free classroom/studio. The technology available currently in our society is continuously evolving and if our students are to have a fighting chance at mastering learning compared to those in other countries we need to afford them the skills and mindset to make them world ready, marketable and viable. Our students are ready to master learnng in all areas..and technology is no different. It is our responsibility as educators to give them the access to put them in control of their learning so that they can creatively and critically oommunicate and collaborate with others. This model will hopefully be adopted by other districts,statewide and nationwide.Our students deserve it!

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