Hollywood Curling- Building the San Fernando Valley Curling Center in Los Angeles

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We are the only place in Los Angeles to participate in the Olympic sport of curling, with a goal to offer the game to the local community, to foster the social and competitive spirit of curling, and develop competition at a local & national level.

In one to three sentences, please describe your proposal.


Since 2007, we have grown the sport of curling in Los Angeles under poor ice conditions and limited availability from local hockey rinks. We are in the process of building the San Fernando Valley Curling Center by adapting an existing building that would be dedicated to the specific requirements of this sport. A dedicated facility will enable us to realize our mission of being inclusive, expanding youth and wheelchair programs, as well as promote lasting social connections in the community.

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Curling is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Last year, we taught over 1500 people how to curl during and after the 2014 Olympics, with most of our events selling out, and the demand outpaced our limited ice availability from local hockey rinks.

Accessibility & Equality

Accessibility is what makes the sport of curling uniquely social, connecting people from all walks of life. Anyone can learn how to curl, including kids, seniors, men, women, and those that are wheelchair bound. The unique social aspect of the sport encourages connections with fellow league players in your own community, as well as fellow curlers from across the country at various tournaments. Curling is a sport where a CEO can be captained by a college student, where men and women play on equal footing, and wheelchair curlers can play alongside those who are not. A person who learned to play last week can end up playing with an Olympian in a tournament next week. Curling is a catalyst to enable people to come together, gain emotional support, and create lifelong friendships and bonds.

Youth Initiatives

In our dedicated facility, we plan on expanding our School of Rocks program, where we first teach the game to kids in school gymnasiums using a floor curling set up, and then we get them on the ice to participate in a safe, challenging, and rewarding sport. In our current arrangement with local hockey rinks, we lack the ability to offer after school programming at times suitable for our younger members. A dedicated facility would allow us to offer youth leagues, family programming, and afterschool mentorship programs to local kids and young adults.


As a volunteer run, 501-(c)-3 non-profit organization, we rely on our members to volunteer their time and energy to promote the sport through teaching beginner Learn to Curl classes, assisting with corporate events, and assisting with community outreach events. Past community events where we have brought our portable street curling set up include CicLAvia and the recent inaugural San Fernando Chile Festival. Additionally, our volunteers will be encouraged to participate in activities with partner organizations, via community outreach, youth coaching and supervision, and accessibility programs.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


Open a dedicated curling facility. The completion of this task is our first evaluation marker.

Introduction and exposure of the sport to local Angelenos. Success of this goal will be measured quantitatively by:
- The number of members
- The number of active leagues
- Attendance at tournaments & intro lessons
- Learn to curl attendance
- Number of private events
- National and regional events hosted

Increased Annual Growth: Goal of 400+ members within 5 years through marketing and outreach efforts.

Expansion of Specialty Leagues: In addition to our open and skills specific leagues, we plan to have youth, college, LGBT, municipal, and studio leagues. Additionally, corporate team building events and private parties. This goal will be evaluated based on the variety of programming achieved within the first 3-5 years with outreach into those respective communities.

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Participation! Come try the sport!

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At its base it's a fun, challenging and unique sport but for me it's really all about the people. Curling is all about camaraderie and myself (and everyone I know who curls) has formed lifelong friendships out on the ice. Let's continue this positive tradition by bringing this facility to Los Angeles!

by rosiedowney
5 months ago

Curling is a community based sport that helps bring people together. My family members have curled for years and it's amazing to see how dedicated they are to expanding their sport and making everyone feel welcome. I can't wait until my children are old enough to take up youth curling so I can teach them about good sportsmanship. Not to mention, the importance of volunteering and creating a positive difference in our community!

by MustardMayhem
5 months ago

I think this proposal has the potential for an unique addition to LA! I know I am always mesmerized by curling during the olympics and I know I am not alone in wanting to try this sport!! I think this would be a wonderful way to get involved and meet new people!!

by chemistrycat
5 months ago

Because I commute back and forth between the States and Canada for work, I take for granted that Canadians can toss a rock and hit 5 different dedicated curling rinks almost anywhere they live. For them, it's how popular bowling is for Americans. Anyway, when I'm in Canada, I curl a lot and now that I have a trip to the west coast planned, I wanted to get my sister office (marketing in L.A.) on the ice for a team building function. I can't believe that a state as important as California doesn't have a regular place to curl. That's how I found this. I'll vote for you Hollywood. Maybe I can get something going with you in 2016. Get that club built!

by canadiancurler
5 months ago

Curling is such an amazing way to meet new friends and bring together a community. Thanks for the work all. Look forward to seeing this flourish in L.A.

by shellydancer
5 months ago

I have only been curling for about a year and it is so much fun! Hollywood curling has been so welcoming and friendly. Everyone can curl and it would be great for our community!!

by Norizzle
5 months ago

What's NOT to love about this sport? At first glance you think "how hard could THAT be?" and you would be right. Anyone can play this sport, but as you get into it, you quickly realize that while everyone can play it, not everyone can be GOOD at it. Depending on the level at which you play, it can be a physical game and absolutely a cerebral game. When you are too old to handle the physical part, you can still be the strategist, the one who calls the shots, evaluates the angles, the trajectories, the physics of controlling a 42 lb stone on ice. This sport brings families together, friends together, strangers together, gets people away from their tv screens and iphones and out interacting socially and physically. What's NOT to love about curling?

by suecass
6 months ago

Curling is a wonderful sport that st entire family can play together. The curling community is very inclusive to people from all walks of life, all ages, all abilities, everyone. I have met such a diverse group since beginning with a learn to curl. I truly enjoy the sport and think LA could benefit from al such a friendly sport. How many sports would allow you to compete on a team with your children, parents, grandparents and friends? There are accommodations for wheelchairs and people with other physical challenges. It's a short that focuses on having fun and not winning at all costs.

by JonnieBen
6 months ago

I had no idea what curling was until I saw this video...I can think of ten other things that are more deserving of $100,000 than this obscure sport.

by lovekatz
6 months ago

The sense of community felt at a curling facility is like nothing else I've ever experienced. Anyone who has ever played the game at any level can walk into any facility anywhere in the world and be welcomed as a member of the family. I've seen 3 generations playing together on the same team, high school kids playing against teams older than their grandparents, and everything in between. I've seen kids as young as 3 and 4 years old start playing, and men and women in their 90's still playing after 75 or 80 years in the sport. What other activity offers a young person the opportunity to be able to play with and learn from some of the most valuable members of our community - the seniors, while at the same time keeping those seniors active and healthy long after many of their peers are suffering the ill effects of inactivity. Most of my closest friendships were born and flourished at a curling rink. It's where I met my husband, and it's the reason I'm here at all, as my parents met at a tournament where they had each entered teams made up of themselves, their siblings and parents.

by alleypaxton
6 months ago

When I talk about curling - some people say... "wait - you mean that weird sport that is like shuffle board on ice? Are you a person who throws or uses that broom thing-y?"

Right off the bat it seems like they are opening the door to talk about a ridiculous, circus-like sport that seems so far removed from their world and worthy only of jokes and jeers.

Then I get to tell them - no, it's a sport that has brought some of the most wonderful friends I could ever dream of into my life from literally all around the globe, it is the sport that has taught me that teamwork, and communication and having each others backs, and never giving up, matter not only on the ice, but in every avenue of my life. It has made me a better boss at work. It has taught me about relationships - how to form them and how to grow them. It has made me a better person all around. And most importantly of all - it introduced me to my husband.

Curling is a sport on the surface, but at it's core it is a community. It is a thing that can unite people and groups through a common passion.

My life would not be the same without curling and the prospect of getting to grow it in a community where it is just getting started, is so exciting to me. This $100,000 grant would be put to such tremendous use and grow a part of the community here in California that could continue to do so much for the people of California in a totally unique and special way!

by mmessier
6 months ago

Curling was one of the best things that has happened to me. After my divorce I lost much of my community, but curlers are so open and friendly that I felt embraced by this new community. Through curling I have made friends in many states, Canadian provinces, and countries around the world.

by Digsdirt
6 months ago

Am I the only one who finds it kind of crazy that this proposal is getting more votes than one to restore the los angeles river to its natural ecosystem? Which would benefit thousands of people and save a ton of water? Curling? That's what we need right now as a society? Idk about that...and I dont work for any of these orgs fyi http://myla2050connect2015.maker.good.is/projects/ArroyoRiverParks

by jlustig
6 months ago

Great news! We've been awarded the USA Curling Dar Curtis grant for our School of Rocks program, our youth curling program aimed at middle and high school students in Los Angeles to expose them to the sport of curling.

We aim to promote values of teamwork, fitness, communication, strategy and sportsmanship, both on and off the ice. Combining in-school floor curling curriculum with practical on-ice experience, our goal is to bring young curlers and their families to the sport, and to foster a life long love of the game.

Contact us today to find out more about how you or your school can get involved!

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

Curling is such a positive enhancement to a community, much like a drop in center or a place for families to spend time together. The Los Angeles area would stand to gain a family friendly activity plus a health and wellness environment to help foster the success of those around the curling club!

by Curler
6 months ago

I agree with the person who said we should vote for the river restoration. There are people who need real help in this city. Let's use $100,000 for something more important!

by ladogman
6 months ago

Curling clubs have a history of being intertwined with community life and a sense of community pride. Many clubs operate exclusively on volunteer labor, perhaps with a single paid ice-maker. The social value of volunteerism and community are still evident in the operation of curling clubs today, with members organizing events, tending the bar, cleaning, and managing the club on a volunteer basis.

The very nature of curling promotes camaraderie and socialization. Traditionally, games start with opposing players wishing each other "good curling." During the game, a mutual respect between teams is maintained. At the end, the winning team usually offers to buy the losing team a drink while the two teams sit together and talk about the game, curling, and other interests. Having these traditions built into the sport of curling encourages camaraderie and a sense of community. The politeness and sportsmanship are qualities that seem to be inherent at every curling club that I have visited.

Even though Curling has grown on an international level, the elite curlers are seen as everyday people with a connection to their local clubs. Most professional curlers have a day job outside of curling. In Hollywood's last curling bonspiel (tournament), they had 6-8 elite curlers sharing the ice with the weekend warriors. As an adult, that experience was very inspirational. There is no other sport that comes to mind where the sport's royalty is this accessible.

Curling Clubs are meeting places and community spaces that connects people from all walks of life and promotes many ideals in a very impersonal society.

by 805curler
6 months ago

What an excellent addition to the community! Although I've never participated in curling before, I had heard of the sport from my father growing up. I think this would be a great family venue, a multi-generational sport. Please consider this organization for a grant.

by SamsYaya
6 months ago

I love seeing multiple generations of a single family curling together. It brings a community together and gives opportunities to all. Men, women, young, old, able-bodied, and those with disabilities can and do play with and against each other regularly.

Hollywood CC has been bringing curling to their community for many years. This next step to dedicated ice in the San Fernando Valley is crucial and exciting for the entire community. Best wishes!

by BruceIrvin
6 months ago

There are few if any winter sports as diverse as curling. It is so diverse, it is not even just limited to winter!

by LArocks
6 months ago

I have had such a good time with this organization. A dedicated facility would give every LA resident a chance to engage and interact with other Angelenos. Because anybody can curl!

by curling_is_fun
6 months ago

This curling club is fantastic. My wife and I always have a good time. There are few things I am willing to drive down from the AV to do in LA, but curling with Hollywood Curling is often the best part of my weekend. Having our own, dedicated ice would allow for much better experience and the ability to become much better curlers. Who knows? Maybe an Olympian will rise up out if the club if we can get a better facility.

by IronMustachio
6 months ago

This proposal seems highly fun, unique, and would bring a sense of pride and financial investment to a growing and rejuvenating part of LA. Bring on the curling!

by pretzelsaregood
6 months ago

The best part about curling is the community. I was laid off and out of work for about 9 months and the only thing that kept me from packing up and moving back home was how much I loved the sport and the friends I had made in the club.

by HangTheTJ
6 months ago

Bringing a dedicated curling facility to Los Angeles would be a great boon to the city and to the nationwide curling community. Expanding this sport, and the unique social aspects of this sport, can only help improve community relations and bring people together.

by ramblin
6 months ago

Curling is one of the few sports a common person could play with or against an Olympian or world champion. Having a dedicated facility would allow more people to be introduced to a winter sport even when it's 100 degrees outside.

by Peyton
6 months ago

It would be great if Los Angeles could get the first curling club in California.

by Peyton
6 months ago

I love that curling is something people of all ages can play! And it'd be so awesome to have a curling club in the area. Since there isn't very many curling clubs in the western half of the United States, I bet an LA curling club could be hugely awesome.

by scj11
6 months ago

I think what's most intriguing about this proposal is the permanence of the space that will be created. This venue can act as a hub with a lot of other organizations connecting with and through the sport of curling over the next 35 years.

by mbgsfv
6 months ago

I was a little bit obsessed with curling but wasn't able to try it until I moved to LA of all places. Hollywood Curling is bringing a woefully underappreciated sport to lots and lots of people who would never have had the chance to try it otherwise.

by messyepicure
6 months ago

What a fantastic win this would be for the greater Los Angeles area! With such a large and diverse population, this is a great way to bring communities together where citizens can beat the heat and cool off iwhile playing a truly unique sport! It's amazing that there are almost no curling clubs out in the western United States and putting one in L.A. Would be a great destination for potential curlers and their families. I can see how curlers from "weather challenged" areas of the country would love to play in both friendly tournaments as well as high level play down/competitions while enjoying places like Disneyland or the various Southern California beaches in their off time. Let's get a curling club built here!

by sound_designer
6 months ago

Amazing! We'd be thrilled to have you guys come join us, and if we can help foster any business connections, let us know! Thanks for your support!

by HollywoodCurling
5 months ago

We're sorry you feel that way. Our grant is much more than just funding a sport, it is about building a hub for the community and bringing people together in a fun, active environment, including youth, seniors, disabled, and other faces in our society. You're welcome to come try it to see what we mean.

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

So well said. It is so rare that a sport or game can be equally enjoyed by such a wide demographic at the same time. We hope you and your husband will come out and connect with LA once our facility is built!

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

Amazing! Thank you for sharing how you #connectwithcurling! To hear how it has impacted your life on both a personal and professional level is outstanding.

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

Thank you! We agree, its more than just a sport, its a true community. We are excited to grow that community and welcome new faces to the sport in our own space! Thanks for telling us how you #connectwithcurling!

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

How many other sports can you learn in under 2 hours and play with every member of your family? Family friendly indeed!

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

So vote for what you vote for and let other people vote for what they vote for. This grant is specifically for making a great place to play, that's in the description. Curling is something that all ages and physical abilities can participate in together. This group has wheelchair curling and youth curling both which helps promote an active lifestyle.. Come out to try it some time rather than criticizing it perhaps. I don't work for any of these orgs either but we don't have to be so judgmental about what is or is not important to each other.

by sonicman28
6 months ago

Thank you! We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

Thank you! We hope at the very least you'll come out to check out a Learn to Curl class and see what your father was talking about all those years!

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

We couldn't agree more, Bruce! Thanks for your support!

by HollywoodCurling
6 months ago

Honestly we do have to be judgmental when the decision is helping youth education vs. revitilizing an ecosystem vs. CURLING. It shouldn't be close. I'm sure curling is a very fun game but we really need $100,000 for it when there are so many REAL issues to address in our city? So we can ignore these problems and go curling or we can be responsible and HELP PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY NEED HELP rather than being selfish and wanting a nice ice rink for ourselves for A GAME

by jlustig
6 months ago

Ultimately the judges make the decision. We're all just trying to put or best foot forward.

Think about your statement and substitute "Curling" with "youth sports" or "inclusive activities for people with disabilities" because that's what's going to come out of this project.

It's also helpful to look at the metrics of the category for connect. The river project is a great project, but how much does it fit with connecting metrics LA2050 set forth?

You're definitely entitled to your opinion, but you'd do more good if you worked on espousing the pros of your preferred project than trying to put others down. Very dissapointing.

by MattGamboa
6 months ago

You have to be judgmental for yourself in deciding what to vote for, what you don't have to do is attempt to shame those who see the value in this effort. That is where you are 100% out of line. This is not just about a game, it is in adding a community activity center to an area that would greatly benefit from it. It is about youth activities and inclusive activities for those with disabilities. You could say EXACTLY the same thing you are saying here about any boys & girls club vs river restoration. I could say the same thing about your favorite river restoration vs housing homeless youth. There will ALWAYS be other things one could compare anything to to try to devalue it. Vote how you choose, but trying to tear down others is not the way to get your message across or sway hearts and minds. Frankly it's tacky and distasteful.

by sonicman28
6 months ago

?? All the projects up for consideration have their own merits. What we "need right now as a society" are people who don't talk down others like you are, jlustig. What we "need right now as a society" are people who respect the efforts of others without the need to diminish and mock their efforts to champion their cause even if you think it is "kind of crazy". If the curling proposal is getting more votes than one of the others, it's because people are voicing their opinions FOR it via a vote. You have every right to speak your opinion, of course, but that type negativity goes against the spirit of curling and is disappointing. The spirit of curling would dictate that a curler would build up their own cause, but not at the expense of tearing down another.

by suecass
6 months ago

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