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The Love Story and The Love Story Media, Inc.

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Through multimedia production and storytelling workshops, our organization connects people who are dealing with love loss with those who have been transformed through it.

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The Love Story runs workshops on multimedia storytelling for those interested in applying the craft of narrative journalism, photojournalism, and documentary filmmaking to their personal stories and produce, in a documentary interview, stories of those who have already transformed their loss into creative expression.

As creatives, they will relate to themselves as courageous, compassionate, and powerful storytellers rather than people who need to be “helped” or “fixed.”

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Produce and distribute the documentary journals to college campuses

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One in every 12 young adults, 15- to 24-years-old, have made a suicide plan at some point. One-in-a-half out of every 100 students have actually attempted it and nearly half of those never told anyone. Ninety percent of people who have committed suicide were depressed and withdrawn, and love loss is one of the leading causes of depression and isolation.

Our organization is committed to suicide prevention by providing connection through the power of storytelling. Our multimedia production company, The Love Story Media, Inc. produces content and publishes quarterly documentary journals.

These digital and printed "documentary journals" is a collection of journal entries from our writers' interview experiences and the videos covering interviews. Most importantly, the documentary journals provide blank pages for customers to journal their experiences of letting go so they may discover their own experiences and find the courage to reach out and share.

The documentary journal is produced for people who have loved and lost, of people who have loved and lost, by people who have loved and lost. Since college students are one of the highest young adults at risk after a love loss, our digital and print copies will be distributed among colleges bookstores throughout Los Angeles. Thirty-three percent of those proceeds will fund the workshops of our non-profit arm, The Love Story, Inc.

Our non-profit arm, The Love Story, will provide online and in-person workshops. By emphasizing our values on courage, compassion and contribution, we encourage our students to learn the craft of story, apply it as a personal catharsis, and publish their work to our community as a contribution.

Once our Angelinos will start writing in The Love Story journals, we will invite them to engage their experiences with others on our online community by sharing parts of their journal entries and viewing other submissions. They also have the opportunity to workshop their journal entries through our online and in-person workshops that sharpens their writing craft. Ten percent of the profits from our curriculum and workshops will also provide scholarships to those in need.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


We will measure the success of our educational impact by the number of online and live workshop registrations.

We will measure the success of the social impact from our stories by our online metrics such as mailing lists, unique monthly visitors on Google Analytics, and open, click-through, bounce and retention rates.

We will measure the success of social connection based on our digital and printed documentary journal sales, the number of production applications, and the number journal entries submitted by our customers. We will also measure connection through social shares, likes, comments, and followers on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.

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What a beautiful organization... so happy to vote for you. Good luck.

by FortheKids1234
5 months ago

It is so powerful to give our testimony and share our story with others - not only we are able to connect and love but be encouraged and empowered to then take the big steps in the midst of fear and adversity. The love story project could be just that a medium that could bring encouragement and healing to those who need it and even those who don't. It's creative and community building element makes this project simply beautiful.

by Jelvehp
6 months ago

Suicide from love loss is a very serious problem that the world should he more aware about. The Love Story doesn't only call out the problem but also finds any ways to deal, learn, overcome and grow from this problem through interactive story telling, workshops and community. There are so many people who would benefit greatly from an organization as bold and innovative as them. There are plenty of stories praising the greatness and power of love but not enough stories are told about suffering, pain and depression as well as the stigma and shame behind those who are involved. It is time for an organization who can come in to guide and inspire all kinds of people with different types of love backgrounds to heal and accept themselves for who they are and to help them be empowered to express, create and love themselves and the world and people around them. I hope The Love Story can get the support and funding that will enable them to execute their objectives and goals; I think this will be tremendously helpful and beneficial for our community and society. Thanks for inspiring me and good luck! I'm rooting for you, The Love Story!

by sandyblogger
6 months ago

What a great way to let go of your worries with story telling and sharing experiences. The Love Story touches everyone in one way or another. Everyone has something they want to let go. Truly inspirational! I really hope The Love Story get the award and continue to inspire the public, one person at a time.

by Laalaadee
6 months ago

The Love Story has done an amazing job documenting my non profit to stop veteran suicide, Irreverent Warriros Inc. They took the time to learn everything about our organization and then created a story that everyone can be emotionally moved by, veteran or not.
Their interviewer Carlos is an Infantry Combat Veteran, he himself has lost men in combat and to suicide, and was deeply connected to our cause. We could feel his connection to us, his love for our cause, and his sincerity. The whole "Love Story" staff believes in their mission, and further, believes in the mission of the people they document. Knowing that the mission of my organization is to reduce veteran suicide, they did far more than we could ever ask for, and we are incredibly grateful for their work, and their support.
Irreverent Warriors will forever support them, their company, and their mission.

by donnyomalley
6 months ago

Love, such a primitive and complex of sensation. Good idea let's share our stories and let the feeling out

by speed2th
6 months ago

What a great cause and beautiful short video. I wish I had the funds. I would fund this myself.

by ml1111
6 months ago

It's amazing to think about how tragedy connects so many of us; mutual experiences that we so often tend to keep to ourselves. And it's truly inspiring to see the way that we can empower each other simply by sharing that realization with other human beings. Best of luck, Love Story!

by Craigwithacee
6 months ago

Thank you all for your love and support! As am member of tThe Love Story myself, I went through traumatic events in my life. And through the power of creative expression I was healed. We've seen people's lives change because of sharing and letting go. We want to tell more stories , and hopefully by doing it ,we can empower people around us!

by Wade0429
6 months ago

I love the cathartic power in story telling to change people's lives by harnessing their painful experiences and creating something awesome out of it! This is such a great project.

by seekingbryan
6 months ago

Such an incredible idea that can help many lives, got my vote!

by mitcheldumlao
6 months ago

The Love Story Project is worthy of our support and admiration. Jose Angel Manaiza, Jr. Chairman of Malibu A Plus Tutor, LLC

by psalms112
6 months ago

Beautiful movement that will impact so many out there.

by Christinelu
6 months ago

Great group to join if you ever have loved and loss someone close to you.

by swellons
6 months ago

This is an amazing program that helps you understand love and loss through the art of storytelling.

by jmtasu
6 months ago

Im so honored to know of this project and truly hope they win because this will transform LA with GODS LOVE!

by Poch
6 months ago

There's something to be said about the community of this organization.

There's an emphasis and focus on building individuals through quickly identifying problems, then working through solutions instead of fixing people. And through my own experience with other personal development non-profits, I can firmly say that The Love Story offers a unique platform for creatives to share their message and context in a way that deliberately uplifts/constructs better human beings. Basically, the interviews, workshops, and teachings offered work extremely well.

Very unique value proposition in the marketplace, to say the least.

by roycerendon
6 months ago

Glad to see you engaging the community and providing the outlets of creativity that speak to others. :)

by timcason
6 months ago

The Love Story has a great message for showcasing why artists thrive.

by Kristenwoo
6 months ago

Really hope they get it. Something so simple, yet so overlooked and undernourished. Really powerful content.

by aaron.altamura
6 months ago

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