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Dial for English on the Go

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Boosting literacy with Cell-Ed's anytime, anywhere mobile learning platform and service.

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Cell-Ed aims to narrow educational divides in LA County by offering over 1000 households with low literacy levels 24/7 mobile learning access to English language and life skills. Dialing a Cell-Ed number from any mobile phone, these parents and their school-age children will be able reach and complete award-winning Cell-Ed’s literacy and language programs in the palms of their hands.

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Youth unemployment and underemployment

District-wide graduation rates

HS student proficiency in English & Language Arts and Math

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College matriculation rates

Student education pipeline (an integrated network of pre-schools, K-12 institutions, and higher education systems that prepares students for seamless transitions between high school, higher education institutions, and the workforce) (Dream Metric)

Suspension and expulsion rates (Dream Metric)

Truancy rates in elementary and middle schools (Dream Metric)

Students perceived sense of safety at and on the way to school (Dream Metric)

Describe in greater detail how you will make LA the best place to learn.


“To study all I needed to do was call and I’d be studying within one second- and anytime! I liked the conversations and tips to help me understand and pronounce English,” Briseida, who achieved 97% proficiency using Cell-Ed

Imagine the challenge of reading a note your child brings home from school or taking high-school tests in math and reading or applying for a job when you simply cannot understand the material you are reading. This literacy problem impacts over 3.8M Angelenos who lack the skills to navigate school, daily life, and today’s labor market. The majority are members of Spanish-speaking households with low levels of literacy.

Low literacy skills are directly linked to higher unemployment rates, lower incomes, and poor health that impact the entire household. In fact, a child who does not read proficiently by the 3rd grade is four times more likely to leave high school without a diploma.

To meet the promise of LA2050, Cell-Ed aims to raise household literacy levels for hundreds of low literate Spanish-speaking parents and their children in Los Angeles County. Parents with higher literacy and educational skills tend to value education of their children, utilize early education services more, and encourage their children to stay in school and reach higher levels of education. In this way, Cell-Ed can impact multiple ‘’LA2050 Learn” metrics over time by increasing two generation family literacy skills.

Not only was Cell-Ed born, piloted and proven effective in Los Angeles County, we have partner networks ready to offer Cell-Ed to these households for free, including social service organizations and labor unions.

Dialing a Cell-Ed number from any mobile phone, parents and their school-age children can reach award-winning Cell-Ed’s literacy and language programs – Learn to Read and English on the Go Levels 1–4 – and achieve English proficiency in the palms of their hands.

By improving the education and skills of these households, together we can help to reverse the trend in falling wages of low-earning workers, reduce income inequality, lower wage gaps, reduce poverty, and improve child well being. Addressing this gap would certainly make LA an even better place to learn for all Angelenos.

Sources: US Census, First5LA, La Workforce Literacy Project, Cell-Ed

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


Cell-Ed has a two-part monitoring and evaluation approach. For all of our partners, we:

1) Evaluate Learning Outcomes: We expect that learners will demonstrate increased literacy after completing the Cell-ED program and provide pre- and post-test assessments.

2) Monitor Learners’ Experiences with Cell-ED: It is important to monitor learners’ experiences with Cell-Ed and be responsive to their needs. Fortunately, the platform includes a learner management system that automatically captures important data points. Key Performance Indicators include:

• Average error per module
• Time to completion
• Number of coach interventions per learner
• Logging when learners access Cell-ED

3) In addition, each learner is tracked by a Cell-Ed live learning coach who gets feedback via live calls and two way texting and who tracks progress for each learner, including attainment and well being assessments.

How can the LA2050 community and other stakeholders help your proposal succeed? (check all that apply)

Money (financial capital)

Volunteers/staff (human capital)

Publicity/awareness (social capital)

Infrastructure (building/space/vehicles, etc.)


Technical infrastructure (computers, etc.)

Community outreach

Network/relationship support

Quality improvement research

Other (please specify below):

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A basic cell phone to bring literacy to LA? Ingenious!!

by shuman
6 months ago

Supporting your efforts. Good luck Cell Ed!

by nirvan
6 months ago

Thank you, CellEd for providing innovative and accessible learning platforms. Thank you for caring about literacy and adult education. You are making a difference!

by jennahdelp
6 months ago

Cell-Ed es la mejor herramienta para aprender Inglés para aquellos que no tenemos tiempo o dinero para estudiar en un centro. Es genial poder aprender sin perder tiempo!!

by Rupo
6 months ago

Justo acabo de llamar y he escuchado las voces de las profesoras Lindsay y Pilar. Gracias

by Martha.G
6 months ago

I'm excited about the unique take Cell-Ed has to address big learning challenges in Los Angeles. Meeting learners when and where they are at in their busy lives, instead of asking them to come to a physical learning center. Using technology with a platform that is accessible regardless of phone type. Working with parents as a pathway to children and vice versa. Best of luck!

by jaspal
5 months ago

best of luck!

by daj
5 months ago

Cell-Ed is a much needed and a fantastic adult literacy program combining technology and education to create a platform to empower the community through education. Absolutely love this and fully supporting you guys. Best of Luck!!!

by NeetNarula
5 months ago

Me encanta el curso de ESL, es gratis y fácil.

by RosalbaQ
6 months ago

Cell-Ed hace que el Inglés sea fácil de aprender. Este año mi hija va a primer grado y yo estaba preocupado de no poder entender todas sus tareas y las notas de los profesores. Ahora estoy mucho más seguro!!

by YaniraG
6 months ago

A veces va uno a la escuela y no todo queda bien entendido. En Cell-Ed la maestra explica bien la lección en inglés y español. Eso se me hizo muy bien.

by TelmaT
6 months ago

Yo tenía problemas para escribir en inglés antes de Cell-Ed. Escribiendo mensajes de texto pude mejorar mi escritura. Todo el mundo debería intentar Cell-Ed!!

by FranciscoE
6 months ago

Me gustó Cell-Ed porque estoy muy ocupado y no tenía tiempo para ir a la escuela. Me gustó que pude hacerlo en cualquier momento que tenía libre.

by Rosa.P
6 months ago

Cell-Ed es muy práctico. No tengo que encender la computadora. Porque no tenía que empezar a buscar todo de nuevo, me voy directo a la llamada y ya estoy en la lección. O a veces se pierden los CDs.

by BrizeidaG
6 months ago

Gracias porque este programa nos permite aprender en nuestro hogar sin descuidar a nuestra familia.

by RocioF
6 months ago

The low literacy rates are shocking! Hope this will enable you to reach more adults wanting to learn!

by commgrafx
6 months ago

Wishing you good Luck!

by greetcreations
6 months ago

Love this idea! Good Luck Cell-Ed!

by robinbruner
6 months ago

Love this! Rooting for you guys!

by jolae
6 months ago

There is no better way than a mobile adult literacy program to empower hard working LA families. Basic literacy is critical to being a part of society.

by oliver5
6 months ago

Thanks to Cell-Ed for working to reaching high need groups. Let's spread the word and work.

by Cell-ED
6 months ago

It didn't realize the literacy challenge was so high in LA! Hope you and partners can fix that...

by Cell-ED
6 months ago

Best of luck! Hope you reach more adults and students with your learning program.

by Cell-ED
6 months ago

I am so happy that there will finally be the possibility of an adult literacy program in LA! While all of these organizations are doing valuable work, my vote is for Cell-Ed! and yours should be too!

by RafaelMagana
6 months ago

Family literacy matters! Let's bring more options to LA CellEd

by Alexalu
6 months ago

Very proud to be supporting CellEd and LA's initiative to address adult literacy!!

by Evanini
6 months ago

I just watched the Cell-Ed video of Lucia https://vimeo.com/93643048. Very inspiring! We need to help more people like Lucia. Go Cell-Ed!

by camille.gommeaux
6 months ago

We are so glad you agree!

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

Thank YOU, Nirvan, and Imagination Foundation. You are an inspiration that dreams do come true!

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

Together we can make even more impact. Thanks for your note!

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

No podríamos estar más de acuerdo...Gracias!

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

De nada, Martha!

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

We couldn't agree more!

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

Many thanks! Best wishes from Team Cell-Ed.

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

Can't thank you enough for your encouraging words and hope yo consider us a partner in your inspirational work!

by Cell-ED
5 months ago

Very true! Parents with higher literacy and educational skills tend to value education of their children, utilize early education services more, and encourage their children to stay in school and reach higher levels of education. Thank you for your support!

by Team_Cell-Ed
6 months ago

There are other wonderful adult literacy programs in Los Angeles. However Cell-Ed is the only education technology provider to deliver literacy and English language instruction over any type of mobile phone, 24/7- no data or Internet required!

by Team_Cell-Ed
6 months ago

Yes! Family literacy matters! Low literacy skills are directly linked to higher unemployment rates, lower incomes, and poor health that impact the entire household.

by Team_Cell-Ed
6 months ago

Thank you Evanini for supporting Cell-Ed!

by Team_Cell-Ed
6 months ago

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