spcaLA's ASN: Helping domestic violence survivors & their pets live safer, healthier lives

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spcaLA's ASN: Helping domestic violence survivors & their pets live safer, healthier lives

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Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) is dedicated to the prevention of cruelty to animals through Education, Law Enforcement, Intervention, and Advocacy.

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Abusers use everything at their disposal to terrorize and control those they batter – including the family pet, often threatening to harm or kill an animal if the domestic violence survivor dares leave. spcaLA’s Animal Safety Network (ASN)™ provides a safe refuge for the domestic violence survivors’ pets, free-of-charge, so that they may leave a dangerous situation without fear for their animals’ lives. spcaLA wants to expand ASN and break the cycle of violence for more people and their pets.

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Over 3 million incidents of domestic violence occur annually in the U.S. Many homes where spouses and children are neglected or abused are often shared by defenseless pets. All too often, these pets become victims. Relishing in their power, abusers beat, torture and kill beloved animals for the sake of hurting, silencing or preventing their partners from leaving.
Leaving can be difficult. Boarding services are expensive and most domestic violence shelters cannot house animals. Many victims face a gut wrenching decision. Do they run for a shelter and leave their beloved pet behind? Or, do they stay and risk their lives to protect their pet? According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, “between 25 and 40 percent of domestic violence victims will not leave a dangerous situation because they do not want to abandon their pets.”
This is where we help. Animal Safety Net (ASN)™ assists domestic violence survivors by offering free temporary housing for their pets, taking them out of harm’s way, and allowing survivors to relocate to a domestic violence shelter. While under our care, animals receive veterinary treatment, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery. Families remain in contact with their pets through photos and updates until they are safely out of the shelter and reunited.
Domestic violence, child abuse, and animal abuse are all linked. Studies have found that domestic violence abusers who harm animals are twice as likely have also abused a child. These children suffer both physical and mental abuse – as the exposure to their beloved pet being hurt can have deeply adverse psychological effects. ASN helps stop this cycle of violence. This program empowers survivors to leave and seek care. Further, if animal abuse is suspected, spcaLA Humane Officers will investigate and work to prosecute the offenders.
At its core, ASN gives domestic violence survivors peace of mind. The comfort in knowing their adored pet is protected and cared for helps survivors escape, persevere, and begin building a safer, healthier life for themselves and their family.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


spcaLA wants to expand ASN to help more domestic violence survivors and their pets. We will evaluate our program by reviewing its development. More specifically, we will assess:
- ASN foster parent database
- program staff
- facility space
- partnerships and collaboration with domestic violence shelters and humane organizations
- # of animal abusers prosecuted
- # of animals and survivors we support
Successful implementation of this grant will ultimately demonstrate that more families were helped because of our program’s expansion.

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Voted. Keeping my fingers & paws crossed!

by SouthBayBaubles
5 months ago

Hurrah for spcaLA!

by JHrzina
5 months ago

Worthy cause. Voted!

by AdeleD
5 months ago

Any good cause is worthy. SPCALA is a great organization. It can and will use the funds very productively.

by Countryboy
5 months ago

Just voted, hope you win!

by kimmyjaber
5 months ago

What a great idea!

by sniperella308
6 months ago

Just voted for this... sounds like an amazing project! I really hope you win :)

by jwilson89
6 months ago

Thank you for your support!

by miriamdavenport
5 months ago

Thank you!

by miriamdavenport
5 months ago

Thank you!

by miriamdavenport
5 months ago

Thank you for the kind words and your support!

by miriamdavenport
5 months ago

Thank you for your support and your vote!

by miriamdavenport
5 months ago

Thank you for your support!

by miriamdavenport
6 months ago

Thank you for your vote and your support!

by miriamdavenport
6 months ago

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