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Maternal Mental Health NOW

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Maternal Mental Health NOW

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We remove the barriers to the identification and treatment of postpartum depression and other perinatal mood and anxiety disorders so that new moms, their babies and families can have optimal beginnings.

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The overall goal of our project is to improve recognition and response to perinatal mood and anxiety disorders in medical settings in the safety net. We will do this by implementing a model of collaborative perinatal mental health care in 3 FQHCs, evaluating its effectiveness and creating a best practice guide. We will address other barriers to identification and treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders by facilitating stigma-reduction workshops in the communities surrounding the sites.

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According to the most recent Los Angeles Mother Baby (LAMB) Survey, administered by the LA County Department of Public Health – Maternal, Child, & Adolescent Health Programs, 29.7% of new mothers in Los Angeles County self-report some form of depression during pregnancy, and an astounding 47.3%--representing more than 60,000 women--self-report depression during the postpartum period. Rates of self-reported depression during pregnancy are significantly higher among ethnic minority and low-income women. But many of these women do not seek treatment due to various barriers, including stigma, financial and insurance limitations, transportation issues, lack of childcare, and other concerns. As a result, mothers and their children are exposed to the negative impacts of untreated depression or anxiety, which include poor birth outcomes, prematurity, low birth weight, emotional dysregulation in the infant, difficulties with attachment, and developmental, cognitive, and emotional difficulties in the developing child.
The unique challenges listed above make the perinatal period an ideal one for instituting a collaborative or integrated care model that treats both the medical and mental health needs of a woman and her family - under one roof.
Between 2012-2015, Maternal Mental Health NOW oversaw a pilot project aimed at improving the behavioral and physical outcomes of pregnant and postpartum women through a collaborative care project based on the IMPACT model, at USC-Eisner Family Medical Center, a federally qualified nonprofit community health center serving Metro, South and South Central Los Angeles. Today, Maternal Mental Health NOW is working to refine and spread an effective model of integrated perinatal mental health care into additional medical settings, including pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, primary care, and hospitals throughout Los Angeles, collect data on selected outcome measures, study its impact on the health and well being of pregnant and new mothers and important aspects of their relationship with their new and developing infants. The end product will be to create a guide, which will provide resources to other medical sites wishing to do the same.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


Following recommendations of the AIMS Center at the University of Washington, we will work with each medical site to track the following processes and outcomes in order to evaluate our work:

• Number and proportion of patients in treatment for at least 10 weeks with significant clinical improvement
• Total number of patients discharged
• Total number of patients active
• Proportion of active patients receiving any kind of follow-up during the past month
• Average number of contacts since treatment started
• Average length of time in treatment
• Proportion of patients in treatment who have been reviewed by a psychiatric consultant who has made recommendations to the primary care-based treating medical/behavioral health providers
• Proportion of patients in treatment for at least 10 weeks who are not improved and who have not been reviewed with the psychiatric specialist.

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