Blue/Green Jobs for a Climate Resilient Los Angeles

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The River Project works to advance watershed health and climate resilience for the social, economic and environmental benefit of all Angelenos.

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The Water LA job training and certification program will build our city’s water-smart workforce. Local NGOs and green businesses will partner with LA Trade Tech to develop curricula and provide instructor training for low-cost courses in the design, installation, and maintenance of climate resilient residential urban acupuncture strategies. The courses will train a skilled workforce to support Angelenos in transforming their homes to capture, conserve, and reuse precious water resources.

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LA Trade Tech

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The Water LA Training and Certification program will expand the city’s pool of workers capable of retrofitting and maintaining LA homes and yards to capture, conserve, and reuse water. It will help expand LA’s local water supply, improve water quality in local streams, increase tree canopy, enhance climate resilience, and strengthen our green economy.

Today, LA relies on imported water for nearly 90% of its supply. Meanwhile, rain that falls in the city runs off from roads to storm drains to the LA River to the ocean, wasting a potential supply and polluting our waterways in the process. This system of water management is not sustainable.

The Water LA program aims to improve this situation by spreading water harvesting practices to residential landscapes across the region. Replacing thirsty, rain-repelling turf with native plants, rain gardens and edible landscapes; installing rain tanks and greywater systems to provide alternative irrigation sources; building infiltration trenches and parkway basins to recharge our aquifers and capture runoff from the street – Water LA aims to expand adoption of all of these urban acupuncture solutions.

LA’s enthusiastic response to local turf rebate programs shows how eager residents are to make their homes more water-resilient and cut their potable water use. But many Angelenos encounter barriers to making these changes on their own, like a lack of technical skills to do the design and installation, or a shortage of time to do proper maintenance. These residents have struggled to find professionals trained in water-smart retrofitting or maintenance.

We aim to close this gap between LA’s desire for water and climate resilient home landscapes and their ability to design, implement, and maintain those retrofits by training local gardeners, contractors, and youth in techniques to capture, conserve, and reuse water on residential parcels. We will work with expert NGOs and green businesses to develop appropriate curriculum and to train instructors at LA Trade Tech (a member of the LA Community College District), enabling them to offer the curriculum in the fall of 2016.

This training will enable and empower residents to make changes on their properties and cultivate a new culture of water stewardship across the city. It will also bolster the city’s green economy - helping the design, construction and maintenance of residential green infrastructure grow into a recognized and legitimate trade in our region and beyond.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


We will measure our success by our ability to hit two key benchmarks by August 2016:

• Successful development of curricula for courses in the design, installation, and maintenance of key urban acupuncture strategies (site assessment, rain tanks, rain grading, native plants, greywater systems, parkway basins, infiltration trenches, permeable surfaces, and edible landscapes);
• Administration of a “train the trainers” course for LA Trade Tech instructors.

Completing curriculum development and teacher training will enable LA Trade Tech to offer these courses to students in the fall of 2016.

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This is great! It's not only what our generation needs, but what we all need! "Going Green" shouldn't just be an option anymore, it should be the norm.

by gracenol
6 months ago

It's great to see a solution that really fixes the correct problem! I would love to see better water capturing processes in my city and the beautiful gardens and lush shady areas that go along with them. So many people would love to put these in and are doing way less important things with their time, land, and careers. Let's empower them to make the city cooler and more sustainable!

by Sophrosune
5 months ago

I am from Laguna Niguel and both my parents and sisters have intended to install drought resistant landscaping in their homes, but have not yet begun with any projects because of how difficult it is to find a someone who KNOWS what they're doing. It is great to learn about a company like Water LA that knows all there is to know about the business, and to see them extending this information to the public. The pioneering work of Water LA should and MUST be the norm in the coming 5-10 years. Great proposal, thank you for your work Water LA & The River Project!

by evanandrewnelson
6 months ago

I fully support this proposal and I am confident this money will be put to the right use because of Water LA's consistent and innovative strategies to retrofit Los Angeles for a climate resilient future. I would love to learn how to make these changes in my home and I know friends, family and neighbors agree! Keep up the awesome work Water LA, thank you!

by mariamaria211
6 months ago

Great to see a proposal that will tackle so many issues at once....conserving water, creating green jobs, helping climate vulnerable communities...sounds like a much needed and overdue program! It's about time we realize we're living in a desert and addressing these issues from the ground up!

by PeterSimon
6 months ago

As a recent college graduate, I have many friends with an environmental degree and are struggling to find jobs. I know SO many young adults that would benefit from a program like this, not to mention the benefits it will have in conserving scarce water resources and preparing Los Angeles for the inevitable climate challenges we are going to face in the upcoming years. I think this proposal will make Los Angeles one of the best places to live because it supports green jobs, climate resilience, water conservation...I just cannot say enough good things about Water LA and the River Project! Thank you for your work!

by gracepaluch555
6 months ago

As a Los Angeles homeowner who recently installed drought resistant landscaping, I cannot tell you how difficult it is to find trained craftspeople who understand this work. I only found two or three people in town who could even hold an intelligent conversation about rain harvesting and they were such high demand I couldn't get any meaningful work done with them. This is an exciting, vitally important, and fast growing field. To offer this training is simply brilliant.

by marjoriejune
6 months ago

Water LA has demonstrated its success again and again. Working not only to build our water resources, but to educate communities on the water ecology all around them. They're amazing at what they do and I hope they continue to do it!

by WalkFly
6 months ago

This sounds like a great proposal! Los Angeles really needs more green jobs available for recent and upcoming college graduates!

by alcaldwe
6 months ago

I have my rain barrels for the winter and are used in the summer to collect condensation from my air conditioner. Plenty of water for my drought tolerant garden. I would love to install a swale on my parkway.
City won't allow or permits are expensive. This needs to change.

by watersaver
6 months ago

As a soon-to-be graduate from the University of Southern California, I know SO many peers that would benefit from enrolling in this kind of a program. There are so many young, educated, and environmentally-conscious people seeking these kinds of green jobs. Also, a program like this would not only help employ these smart do-gooders, but is also extremely necessary for preparing for climate resiliency! Droughts and floods will become increasingly more frequent and severe, so we must help create a workforce that is prepared to address these issues - especially as we live in one of the most populated regions of the country!

by ahpugash
6 months ago

Much needed.

by CharlesMiller
6 months ago

The elephant in the room is California's overpopulation problem, which is mostly caused by excessive immigration.

Today California's two clueless Senators, Feinstein & Boxer, voted against "Kate's Law" (S.21.46) which would have ended sanctuary city policies and thus help deport many criminal illegal-aliens in our midst:

California produces more agricultural product than any other state, so cutting water to our farmers is short-sighted since our ever increasing population will need more food, as well as more water.

I fully support these common sense water projects designed to capture rain water (I personally use rain barrels and the such), but our overpopulation problem will eventually overwhelm these fixes, too.

by kdine
6 months ago

this is great! exactly what our generation needs

by sashasommer
6 months ago

Right on, gracenol! Thanks for your support!

by TRP
5 months ago

Yes, Sophrosune! Let's empowerAngelenos to take climate action!

by TRP
5 months ago

evanandrewnelson, you're making us blush! Grateful for your support - and let's hear it for the new normal!

by TRP
6 months ago

Thanks, mariamaria211! Keep your eyes peeled for the Water LA How-To guides that should be publicly available by the end of this year!

by TRP
6 months ago

Thank you PeterSimon! Grassroots from the ground up!

by TRP
6 months ago

Appreciate the support gracepaluch555! Your generation inspires us with your enthusiasm to be actively engaged in climate solutions!

by TRP
6 months ago

Thank you, marjoriejune! We aim to close the gap between demand and supply. Existing landscape workers need access to affordable re-training, and our youth need sustainable green jobs with a future!

by TRP
6 months ago

We thank you on behalf of all the fantastic Water LA partner organizations! Shout outs to Theodore Payne Foundation, Heal the Bay, LA Waterkeeper, Greywater Action, North East Trees, LA Trade Tech, La Loma Dev, Syntric, Watershed Management Group, ARCSA and so many others. Collaboration is key!

by TRP
6 months ago

Yes! And this program can serve High School graduates looking to learn a skilled trade, too! Our partnership with LATTC would be the first step in getting the program in to all Community Colleges, making green infrastructure design and maintenance a legitimate trade.

by TRP
6 months ago

I agree. We really need these efforts to conserve around our homes coordinated! I am sure so many people want to make these changes but don't know how, who to call, or where to go to start getting the job done. Great proposal!

by alcaldwe
6 months ago

I agree!

by alcaldwe
6 months ago

Thank you, alcaldwe! This program would accelerate our ability to meet that growing demand!

by TRP
6 months ago

Stay tuned, watersaver! We're working with the City to finalize the parkway swales standards and create a user-friendly, no-fee permit process. This grant would help us train more people to design and install them safely and effectively. And great job on capturing your AC condensate!!

by TRP
6 months ago

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