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submission by pennywonderlust

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the Alternative Travel Project

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The Alternative Travel Project (ATP) is a non-profit organization that motivates individuals in LA to GOcarFREE by using alternative travel methods (pedestrian, public, bicycle & gas-free new tech) for social, health and environmental benefits.

In one to three sentences, please describe your proposal.


We're here to be of service to Los Angeles' public transit systems, and to start a dialogue about what we can all do to help create safer & more accessible alternative transit.

We genuinely believe support for car-free transportation infrastructure will create a better Los Angeles.

Through our efforts we aim to increase public usage of ATP infrastructure & we will work with lawmakers to create a more expansive & even safer system.

Where will you be working? Please be specific (e.g. Third Street Middle School; Boyle Heights; LA County).

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East LA

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South Bay

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Number of households below the self-sufficiency index

Percent of imported water

Obesity rates

Housing affordability

Rates of homelessness

Walk/bike/transit score

Acres and miles of polluted waterways

Rates of mental illness

Prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (Dream Metric)

Percentage of LA communities that are resilient (Dream Metric)

Percentage of residents receiving coordinated healthcare services (Dream Metric)

Percentage of tree canopy cover (Dream Metric)

Describe in greater detail how you will make LA the healthiest place to live.


WHY IT'S IMPORTANT: By 2030, roughly 1 billion more people will be living in cities (creating a Buenos Aires-sized city every 3 weeks for the next 15 years). With already strained roadways & population growth in our future, Los Angeles is looking at the very real PROBLEM of transporting even more people across our massive landscape.

Continuing to look at mobility in LA from a car-centric view poses fiscal & human health costs. According to recent research, congestion’s cost has been estimated at 1.5 to 4% of GDP. Getting people from one part of a city to another efficiently & stress-free has monetary value.

There is also a real human health cost. California scientists recently linked chronic exposure to ultra-fine particles found in vehicle exhaust to deaths from heart disease. Individuals living & working within a 10 mile radius of major roadways were most at risk. So the cost of congested roadways isn't limited to our pocketbooks.

That being said, as LA's population grows, a truly "healthy" future for LA cannot entail building more and wider roadways. We have to take a very serious look at supplying our populace with safe alternative infrastructure to move around the city efficiently.

ATP's ANSWER: ATP has been working steadily since 2010 to educate & motivate Angelenos to use their alternative travel infrastructure. To date we have made 11 videos highlighting the enormous health, environmental & community benefits of an ATP lifestyle. We hosted a salon (In Her Shoes) to bring together municipal leadership, law enforcement & commuters to establish a dialogue on how to ensure safe, reliable travel for women. We launch biannual "Commute CarFree" initiatives in which individuals volunteer to travel CarFree & share their stories. We serve as a voice with municipal leadership & law enforcement on the need for SAFE & extended alternative travel infrastructure. We network celebrities with ATP related events & organizations to give a global voice to ATP's goals.

At ATP, we believe that LA is unique on the global stage because it has an unparalleled potential to effect the vision of what an ideal lifestyle could be. Our media, film & television tales reach even the most remote international villages. With the extraordinary amount of creative talent & financial power in this city, surely we can be at the forefront of what it means to transport Angelenos across our city; and by doing that, we would make LA as great as it has the potential to be.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


An ATP App would do a majority of the work of self-evaluation. It would serve a few functions; however the ones that would most specifically assess whether ATP is making progress would be:

1. A community forum (much like WAZE) that would give commuters a chance to highlight problematic spots (unsafe bike routes & hours, lack of connective infrastructure, etc.). We would compile the information & share it with developers & lawmakers in an effort to improve infrastructure.

2. We would compare shifts in the number of ATP commuters on specific paths to changes in safety & business revenue on ATP thoroughfares. ATP believes there is a positive, direct correlation between ATP infrastructure & community safety and business profit. We would like to arm lawmakers with the statistics that would enable them to work towards a safe and welcoming alternative travel infrastructure for every Angeleno to use.

How can the LA2050 community and other stakeholders help your proposal succeed? (check all that apply)

Money (financial capital)

Volunteers/staff (human capital)

Publicity/awareness (social capital)

Infrastructure (building/space/vehicles, etc.)


Technical infrastructure (computers, etc.)

Community outreach

Network/relationship support

Quality improvement research

Other (please specify below):

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I'm confused at what ATP wishes to accomplish if they win the grant money. They use words like "be of service" and "start a dialogue" in their submission, but they really don't say that they will actually DO anything with the money. They say that the way they will evaluate their work is with an (undeveloped) app. How long will it take to create the app that will be used to chart their progress? And how much does it cost to develop an app? 100K seems excessive.

Since it's inception, ATP has always stated that it's a GLOBAL initiative. It seems they've modified their mission statement to fit the guidelines of the LA2050 challenge. And it's apparent that it's globally recognized from all the international votes that have been posted from around the world on twitter.

I hope the jury will carefully review this submission before choosing the winner. It would be a shame to give money to an organization just because it has a strong Hollywood celebrity support.

by cosmos77
5 months ago

I live in Toronto Canada how can i help here
This is a great project

by Appugkiesi
5 months ago

It's great what your organization does, but it seems to me like the grant money is supposed to go toward the completion of a specific project, not just to help an organization continue doing what they've been doing. The proposal above was not specific, so I don't understand why it is ranked number one right now (I don't really understand the ranking system in general..) This is just my impression, so feel free to reply and help clarify what exactly the Alternative Travel Project would do with $100,000

by elizabethser
6 months ago

Several people have illogically challenged that due to the fact that this proposal might, and in fact does, benefit other cities, any and all cities really, and could be implemented in any city, it is therefore somehow not true to the cause (and thus does not meet the criteria for the contest? What the What?). First of all, if it improves LA, as the process calls for, then what exactly is the dilemma? Quite frankly, you should be thinking, "Oh wonderful, here's an idea that can both better the lives of people in LA AND elsewhere!" Perhaps we ought to watch and see what can be done in LA on a $100,000 dollar scale, and then, when it proves to clear the air to your brain and elucidate your thoughts, we decide to integrate the program into more cities. Whatever, you annoy me. You just sound ignorant.

by aliehs
5 months ago

Even though I am in Boston, I fully support this initiative as it can assist mankind. Thank you, Stana Katic for supporting this mission! All will benefit!!

5 months ago

Es maravilloso lo que realizan, porque no apoyar este proyecto, si contribuyen con el desarrollo social, libre de contaminación ambiental, promoviendo estilos de vida saludable, beneficiando nuestra salud. Me gusta esta iniciativa, ójala y se haga una tendencia o moda no solo en LA si no en todo en mundo. #ATP

by 13CrisTina
5 months ago

I've checked out many of the submissions in this category, and I'm having difficulty seeing how this one is LA-centric. Much of their social media and website is very global based and not specific to Los Angeles. It appears there have been some loose affiliation to other organizations in Los Angeles (Metro, CicLAVia), but I don't see much here that benefits Los Angeles primarily and can't be slotted with another city name with the same purpose. What makes their proposal unique to LA, other than being headquartered here?

Also, I'm unclear how exact the money will be spent. In a February 2015 news item on the website, there are goals listed that are not part of this proposal. Will the money be used toward that as well? Is this grant the sole source of funding for the organization's goals or is it supplemented by other funding? I'm unclear how other resources listed in their application above, such as infrastructure, education/training, technical infrastructure and quality improvement research are related to the evaluation of the application's goals.

I guess I'm left with more questions than answers with regard to this group's application. I hope that the jury review of this application is rigorous and answers some of the questions I have.

by AndiD
6 months ago

Thank you Stana Katic: Because of you, mankind will be assured there will be tomorrow for the future generations. I know I am grateful and proud that I am one of your fans not only on television but also in real life - a person who cares and tries to make a difference NOW! Go ATP!!!

by MartaRLerum
6 months ago

Thank you Stana Katic: Because of you, mankind will be assured there will be tomorrow for the future generations. I know I am grateful and proud that I am one of your fans not only on television but also in real life - a person who cares and tries to make a difference NOW! Go ATP!!!

by MartaRLerum
6 months ago


I find that Stana Katic's ATP project is going far beyond the LA frontiers and is inspiring a lot of people worldwilde. It is a good example on how citiizen can take in hand their futurs and socialize. For these reasons I fully sustain it.

by bynnie20015
6 months ago

Je suis française, vivant en France, en Bretagne. Je veux juste soutenir l'association de Stana Katic qui a un beau projet pour Los Angeles. Je ne sais pas si mon vote peut être pris en considération, mais cela vous montre que votre projet est suivi et encouragé outre Atlantique..
Bonne chance pour ce beau projet !
La Bretagne vous salut !

by Breizh56
6 months ago

I enjoyed the presentation, however the information seemed a bit ambitious for the pitch. I agree I am not sure exactly what the funds would go for. Also, though I appreciate the ominous statistics about city dwelling, future needed space and the challenge of accommodating the 65 million people being added to our population every year, I don't recall any quantification of what kinds of impacts the suggested Once a Week would do to offset some of the larger challenges we are facing. I was hoping maybe there would be some kind of repurposed transit program to allow people to give up their cars, or a car sharing, bike sharing program...something that gives people a program to opt into on a more collective level here in Los Angeles. This is an important subject that needs creative problem solving and I appreciate the effort made.

by naflo
6 months ago

I live in Pittsburgh PA and am supporting ATP,it makes the planet a better place to live. In my city we have all kinds of bike trails and soon they will all connect to DC. But you can bike all around the city

by Pittsburghguy
6 months ago

Support ATP, will help making our planet a better place to live!
Using public transportation,walking,biking, Skating ...will have a positive impact socially and on economy,health, environment
So for that we have to create safe infrastructures so people can easily use it
ATP is the organization that can help to do that!!
As i'm French I can't vote but ATP has all my support! And i encourage all the US citizens to vote for them

by julie.decout.7
6 months ago

Je suis française mais je trouve que cette cause vaut la peine d'etre soutenue. Et j'espère bien aller vérifier un jour sur place

by Laly79
6 months ago

Juste pour vous dire que même ci je ne vis pas. À LA je suis fière de contribuer à une aussi belle cause. Merci STANA de faire des choses merveilleuse vraiment. Pauline de Belgique :-)

by Po_cath
6 months ago

That's amazing! I'm really proud of all the people who join with this cause!

by gabiotorres
6 months ago

I really enjoy using public transportation and would LOVE for there to be more options in the future, especially in the SF Valley. However, there are times when one simply MUST drive their car (carrying items, etc), so I really hope this project keeps drivers in mind, too!

by ccueeva
6 months ago

I really enjoy using public transportation and would LOVE for there to be more options in the future, especially in the SF Valley. However, there are times when one simply MUST drive their car (carrying items, etc), so I really hope this project keeps drivers in mind, too!

by ccueeva
6 months ago

Really love this initiative! GO GO #ATP

by Gemma_Arce
6 months ago

Great initiative! Go Car FREE for just ONE day! #ATP

by mkjerez
6 months ago

Where can I find these 11 videos? They don't seem to be on the website.

by jrs847
6 months ago

Live together. Move together. Do good together.

by KellyMB
6 months ago

This program is amazing! This is so important for our environment and it has a positive effect on your health when you walk or bike more. Thank you, Stana!(:

by corrineechen
6 months ago

An idea for us bus riders to encourage single-passenger car drivers and commuters to Go Car-Free:
Sit in one of the left-side window seats on the bus and press up against the window, for the drivers alongside to see, a white window-size placard with this succinct message in large black capital letters:

by GregoryWright
6 months ago

Very well said. I feel there are a lot of questions with this org's application and how they would use the money best for LA and LA only. I hope it's judiciously questioned and reviewed so all orgs can be confident the $100K award was given to the best org with the clearest goals, not one with a celebrity/actor leader/spokesperson and a zealous international fanbase.

by AndiD
5 months ago

To haré lo posible para que la planeta se mejora además como el metro todos los días pero en toulouse

by ClaraLee27
5 months ago

Sorry ~ I do recall financial figures being shared...I think maybe there was just a lot of ground being covered that may have diluted the ability to grasp and prioritize all the aspects of the reach of the project.

by naflo
6 months ago

I'm so glad someone else mentioned this. It feels like ATP is wanting to use $100,000 for an app? But it also feels like ATP could substitute any city for Los Angeles and this proposal is written for it. Reading more information on their website, little to none of it is based from LA. So what makes ATP's proposal here unique to Los Angeles that warrants granting it the money.

by AndiD
6 months ago

Sorry but a strong hollywood celebrity its not your best Answer. can be curious about where yhe money goes if Atp wins but that' no reason to judge Stana. Becouse if there were much more Stana's , Angelina's and so on and on we would have a planet with more sustanibility, love and charity

by Take75
5 months ago

I understood, that they planned to develope that app and would use the rest of the money to change the situation at the spots found troughout the app...
And yeah ATP wants to help worldwide and not in LA only, but I think they want to start in LA, so that LA is an example of what we could do to work against the traffic problems worldwide.

by GapNap
5 months ago

I'm loving so many projects listed at the top here! Yet I'm agreed - does ATP offer any real outcomes? If it's policy changes they are after - sure those can take a long time to become evident but still, it's unclear - any "goals" listed here are ambiguous. There's LOTS of traffic for this ATP project on Twitter of course. We ARE in Hollywood = star power. Thank goodness Goldhirsh is smart enough to make half the awards jury-selected. It's too bad they don't consider that some of these proposed projects come from orgs that have so many famous/wealthy people behind them also probably have the means to easily raise $100,000 on their own. Hopefully whoever wins will report back specific outcomes from their awarded "project". I have no idea where the numerous videos ATP produced since 2010 reside. In any case, hopefully they will take all of this as useful feedback and incorporate it into future project planning.

by mehatsea
5 months ago

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