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El Basurero

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El Basurero

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The idea is mine (Joel Epstein). I would run the program, making a significant in-kind contribution of labor.

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Community engagement initiative that enlists city residents as advocates holding LA Sanitation's feet to the fire so that illegally dumped objects get picked up within a reasonable time frame.

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MyLA311 (http://lacity.org/myla-311/myla-311-service-request) is an excellent service that allows city residents who know about it get bulky items and illegally dumped furniture picked up for free. The problem is, not enough people know about it or take the few seconds involved to logon and enter a request for service. Basurero would be a sustained door to door and social media campaign to publicize MyLA311 and get neighborhoods like Koreatown, Mid City, South LA and East LA swept clean.

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Enlist LACC or a similar organization to go door-to-door publicizing MyLA 311, showing residents how easy it is to use the app, and documenting the extent of the problem of illegally dumped items and bulky items left on the street and in empty lots.

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Access to healthy food

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Exposure to air toxins

Number of households below the self-sufficiency index

Percent of imported water

Obesity rates

Housing affordability

Rates of homelessness

Walk/bike/transit score

Acres and miles of polluted waterways

Rates of mental illness

Prevalence of adverse childhood experiences (Dream Metric)

Percentage of LA communities that are resilient (Dream Metric)

Percentage of residents receiving coordinated healthcare services (Dream Metric)

Percentage of tree canopy cover (Dream Metric)

Describe in greater detail how you will make LA the healthiest place to live.


No one need live in a city littered with discarded TVs and electronics, white goods, couches, mattresses, cars and car parts. The piles of trash and illegally or improperly dumped items that are allowed to accumulate on the streets and in empty lots in Koreatown, Mid City, South LA and East LA are perpetuating the inequity that has too long characterized life in the balkanized city of LA. Recent research and investigative reporting has confirmed what everyone who lives in these neighborhoods knows. The collection of trash is highly uneven. Poorer parts of LA are disproportionately dumped on and trash, including hazardous materials, is routinely left to leak on the street for days, weeks, months and sometimes years, ultimately leaking into the soil and groundwater. Discarded paint, products containing lead, mercury, motor oil and other hazardous materials are left in the open on our streets where young, unsuspecting children play. No one should be exposed to these hazards, let alone the youngest and most vulnerable. The City of LA has a program for collecting bulky items, hazardous materials and illegally dumped items, but not enough residents are aware of the program or have access to the smartphone app or internet to request a pickup. Landlords routinely ignore the state of the sidewalks outside their property or on empty lots. The reliance on vigilant, informed residents to report all of the dumping that takes place is foolhardy.

This program would make MyLA 311 a household name in all Spanish, Korean, English and the other languages spoken in the target area. It would achieve widespread action on the part of the city that periodic coverage of the inequity in trash collection has failed to achieve.

The program would also develop policies to ensure that it is easy for landlords to do their job as well, in ensuring safe living conditions on their properties as well as on the sidewalk out front and in the empty lot next door.

The result will be a cleaner, safer LA where children and adults are not exposed to the hazards created by the current reality.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


Basurero Corps will document the program's efficacy with before and after photos, counts of requests filed with MyLA 311. The City is already capturing this data so we will work with the Council Districts and with MyLA 311 to analyse the data and assess the impact of the program.

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Money (financial capital)

Volunteers/staff (human capital)

Publicity/awareness (social capital)

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Network/relationship support

Quality improvement research

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Recognize Basurero as a program worthy of your support and publicize its mission.

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