Golden Heart Ranch... Creating Opportunities for Special Needs Young Adults.

submission by FortheKids1234
Golden Heart Ranch... Creating Opportunities for Special Needs Young Adults.

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Golden Heart Ranch

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Golden Heart Ranch provides vocational training, life skills classes and opportunities for social interaction for our special needs community. GHR will have a residential component that will give young adults with special needs a life long home.

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We propose to build the best place to live for young adults with special needs. Golden Heart Ranch will have on and off site jobs, residential housing, opportunities for social events and community friendships. We are building an intentional community of the future that will give our special needs kids, teens and young adults the arena to reach their fullest potential.

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Our project will make LA the healthiest place to live for special needs young adults. Currently 90 percent of our kids never leave home when they age out of the school system at 22 years of age, they have limited opportunities for employment and only 1% make a life-long friend. Our proposal for expansion of Golden Heart Ranch will give employment opportunities, vocational training programs, social skills and life skills programs, opportunities to create long term friendships within our community and with mentoring and encouragement the broader community. We will make LA the healthiest, best place for this segment of the community to live. It's a growing community... we expect 500,000 kids nationally to age out to the school system in the next 4 years.

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Our work is measured by the success of our clients through vocational training programs which lead to employment in our communities. We measure success in our Sports programs by constantly raising the bar and keeping data on each individual and they reach new milestones. Our success is easily measured through our constant improvement and expectations in our top notch programs.

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Awesome work!

by melanieradde
5 months ago

Great organization with a clear vision for a much needed and overdue service.

by salta
5 months ago

Great cause and organization. Go GHR!

by wlee
5 months ago

A huge thank you to everyone that took the time to vote and for the tremendous outpouring of support. It's a testimonial to how many parents need Golden Heart Ranch and what it offers for our special needs community. Thank you!

by FortheKids1234
5 months ago

What a wonderful place to empower young people with disabilities to live their lives to their fullest potential. Go Golden Heart!

by efowler
5 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch will provide desperately needed services and housing opportunities for adults with disabilities. You've got my vote!!!

by coachelaine
5 months ago

Wonderful Organization! I vote for Golden Heart Ranch, hands down!

by srod6012
5 months ago

Great work!

by meyerley
5 months ago

A beautiful refuge for
those who need special considerations.
No doubt all given with the
kindness of people with
Big Golden Hearts.

Thank You,
A J Newman

by FortheKids1234
5 months ago

.....Golden Heart Ranch metaphor.........a seed has been germinated and is now planted in its permanent soil,
it is being nurtured, it could really use this grant/rain to continue its growth, much tending and nurturing is needed but it holds the promise of an abundant harvest for decades and the opportunity of future grafting moving forward.......The path to an orchard has been started......many hands and hearts will contribute to its success.......all efforts are appreciated and needed. Keep up the good work!

by GHRAmbassador
6 months ago

At the very least, Golden Heart Ranch is an excellent program for young adults with special needs. The world is in great need for more people like Rose Van Wier-Hein!

by ReginaPinga
6 months ago

Great organization that helps young special needs adults, a place where parents can feel at ease knowing their children will be taken care of. They are truly deserving of this grant!

by margie1222
6 months ago

I am happy to support Golden Heart Ranch! Through it's programs young adults with disabilities have the opportunity to lead independent, productive lives.

by cindye1
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is a wonderful community for young adults w/ disabilities to thrive emotionally and creatively. They can learn, work, and begin relationships which will last a lifetime. They're given a independence and responsibility and a sense of self-worth, things that all humans value and which enrich their daily lives. It's an amazing community!

by kmb1962
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is filling a very high need by providing a place for our young adults to live and thrive independently and have a secure quality of life.

by Yazi96
6 months ago

What a wonderful place Golden Heart Ranch is...This is a great community with wonderful volunteers!!

by kwis
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is so deserving of this $100,000. They could do so much with it to help the underserved "young Adult Community" in Southern California. They have worked tirelessly for their vision to become a reality and I believe they should be awarded this $100,000. The Ranch is an amazing place.

by klinky2
6 months ago

I am happy to vote for Golden Heart Ranch. A great place with great people serving an incredible mission.

by rgroleau
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is such an amazing place, built by a loving community, friends & family. Their hearts and passion are what we all should strive to be!!

6 months ago

Much needed! Wonderful!!

by jenshep67
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is an amazing place where people with Special Needs can fulfill their potential in a safe and nurturing environment.

by terry.kwit
6 months ago

This is What our area needs and is long overdue. Thank You.

by debbyriehl
6 months ago

You do amazing things for amazing people. SO many to benefit from such a special place!

by mkrmcbee
6 months ago

So wonderful to have a place that is so beneficial & makes such a difference in these special lives.

by Kareyverding
6 months ago

Love this Organization and what they do for our community.Thanks to all involved.

by kavick
6 months ago

This is an amazing organization and gives hope to many!

by fox5
6 months ago

Golden Hearts Ranch is a beautiful place with amazing people helping adults with special needs. We want adults with special needs become independent as possible.

by Lisaweaver
6 months ago

GHR does incredible work for the special needs community!

by Pascover
6 months ago

Love this organization

by Rduggan
6 months ago

Our beautiful 22.4 acre property allows us to create this wonderful community of Golden Heart Ranch. We are currently running community days, volunteer programs and vocational training programs on site and just enjoyed our first Halloween Bash with over 100 special needs kids and their families in attendance!

by FortheKids1234
6 months ago

The ranch itself, when completed, will be a one-of-a-kind in Los Angeles County. Sure, there are group homes for 2, 4, or 6, but nothing like GHR. The Ranch will be a community of many. Every possible need and want for a productive and safe life will be available at the Ranch.

GHR has done a magnificent job of involving the community, educating the community, and introducing the community to this wonderful population of very special kids and young adults. Kudos to the marvelous and tireless souls who have taken on this challenge. Your award will bring GHR much closer to completion.

by JoyErnie
6 months ago

Cannot think of a more worthy organization or cause than Golden Heart Ranch. A place where a child can live a safe, supportive, engaging, fun, and productive life is the dream of every parent. GHR is working hard to make this come true for the parents of special needs children who live with the endless worry of what will happen to their children when they age out of the school system, not to mention what will happen if/when the parents are no longer able to care for them. Go GHR!

by JodiS
6 months ago

They do amazing work and help advocate for those who can't do it themselves! What a wonderful community!

by lam0630
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch will literally keep individuals with intellectual / developmental disabilities (I/DD) from forced institutionalization and off the streets... too many people with I/DD must accept just the "next empty bed." Having Golden Heart as a home and community option helps meet the immense need in CA and will help be a national model for others who strive to create a place to call home for their loved one!

by dkhottwheels
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is a life saver! I have worried countless nights about what will happen to my son when I am no longer here or able to care for him myself. I was suddenly a single parent and know oh too well how life can change in an instant. With Golden Heart Ranch my son and many others like him will be able to learn, work, play and enjoy life to the fullest in a safe, caring and loving environment.. Thank you to Golden Heart Ranch for doing so many amazing things for our special needs kids who do not have a voice for themselves.

by barbarap65
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is making a difference in the lives of our adult children with special needs! It is comforting to know that an organization like this is planning for the future of those who cannot plan for themselves and developing a safe, fun, educational and work experience for our community!!!

by dinakaplan
6 months ago

Amazing young adults, parents & organization! Thank you Golden Hearts Ranch! XO

by bperry1111
6 months ago

GHR is making an incredible difference in the current and future lives of our community with Disabilities !!! Community, Purpose and Happiness ....

by kcsincla
6 months ago

This is the most worthwhile cause of anyone I know. At the rate that Autism effects our families it's a true wonder why there are not more places like GOLDEN HEART RANCH here locally in a county of 11 million people.
I hope and pray that Rose wins this award she and GOLDEN HEART ARE MORE THAN WORTHY.



by peterj
6 months ago

Amazing that an organization like Golden Heart Ranch seeks to provide what we all aspire to in life for the special needs community! Blessings to Golden Heart Ranch and may they continue to evolve and realize the dream for all of these precious souls!

by carolroach
6 months ago

Golden Heart Ranch is an amazing organization doing amazing things.

by cdbadenoch
6 months ago

What a wonderful organization!

by concerned4all
6 months ago

So important for our special needs young adults and their parents to know they will be safe and taken care of when we are no longer able to be there for them. Thanks golden Heart

by Neenie55
6 months ago

The leadership, passion, and drive behind this organization is top notch. Everything you would want to make a non-profit successful!

by tvanwier
6 months ago

GHR is a DREAM come true for all the amazing kids/young adults, that will have the opportunity to live & thrive amongst an compassionate environment!!!

by Ckonegirl007
6 months ago

This is an amazing organization and innovative project! This is much needed for a greatly under served population. You will do so much with a grant like this.

Please vote and share!

by dmpdp
6 months ago

Kudos to Rose and the Golden Heart Team. Hope you win - you deserve it!

Susan/Sunflower Hill

by susanhsunflower
6 months ago

My cousin's Rose & Bill Hein need your help in making their dream of Golden Heart Ranch come true!!!!
Please vote and donate if you can.

by nicinla
6 months ago

What a great place

by Nanaellen
6 months ago

This ranch will be a beautiful location for a very needed cause. It is a magical setting. The community has embrased the programming and the mission for Golden Heart Ranch.

by Khuncke
6 months ago

This will be a wonderful means to offer special needs Children a life of true education with a big dose of love added to the mixture.

by klandmann
6 months ago

So glad to submit and share the joy of the best place to live... Golden Heart Ranch!!

by FortheKids1234
6 months ago

Thank you for your comment Newmans... I moved it on the page for you:)

by FortheKids1234
5 months ago

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