The OCEAN is the best place to play in LA! But, we must keep her clean!

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Los Angeles Underwater Explorers; Ghost Fishing

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We are a group of specially trained volunteer scuba divers that are ridding our world's oceans of abandoned commercial fishing gear, AKA "ghost nets" (I am the coordinator for the United States, based out of Los Angeles).

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At least once a month, we go to various shipwrecks and reefs that are covered in ghost nets, which will wreak havoc on fragile marine ecosystems for decades or even centuries if they are not removed. Los Angeles is FULL of people who scuba dive, surf, swim, snorkel, kayak, windsurf, etc.- we live near the ocean because we LOVE her! We also do a lot of outreach for adults and kids of all ages: lectures, presentations, tabling events to let everyone know what is happening in the ocean.

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ANY school that will let us do a presentation, we will attend. For ocean cleanups: we are working mostly in the San Pedro Bay and off of Catalina.

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We have already been in contact with lawmakers re: early reporting of lost nets. Legislation was introduced several years ago but was vetoed. We will try again, with a new Governor.

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Access to open space and park facilities

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This is a project that is already underway, but we need funding in order to sustain it. People move to California to be near the ocean, this is a precious resource that affects many lives. Abandoned commercial fishing nets pose multiple threats- not only to the underwater world, but for the people enjoying the ocean. Abandoned nets create navigational hazards to boaters, they damage fish stocks, they cause death and destruction which directly impacts the enjoyment of scuba divers and other people who come to the ocean to play.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


We have been keeping track of every single cleanup and every single outreach event, to approximate our impact on the community and of course on the ocean. I have an ongoing spread sheet on my computer that I keep "public," it is available to anyone who wishes to see it. Regarding the ocean, it is fascinating to see the transformation of a killing field to a healthy, vibrant reef once the ghost nets are removed. Documenting every single cleanup dive with video and/or still photography is another way that we keep track of our progress and evaluate our impact.

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Quality improvement research

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Most worthy cause to vote for

by geoffw
6 months ago

The problem with ghost gear is a worldwide problem. Teams all over the world are working voluntarily to remove as much derelict gear as possible. This fund would be a tremendous help. Voting for this project means protecting the future.

by Casr
6 months ago

This is an excellent opportunity to invest resources to keep our oceans healthy and a great educational opportunity.

by tdodson
6 months ago

Keep up the great work LAUE!! We are following all your achievements from Toronto!

by KellyRodgers
6 months ago

I hope I did this right!! Voting for LAUE/Ghost!! Great organization!!

6 months ago

THANK YOU for your vote!

by Vegan Aquawoman
6 months ago

Many thanks, geoffw!

by Aquawoman
5 months ago

Absolutely- thank you Casr!

by Aquawoman
5 months ago

Thank you tdodson! :)

by Aquawoman
5 months ago

Thank you Kelly!

by Vegan Aquawoman
6 months ago

Awesomeness! Thank you! :)

by Vegan Aquawoman
6 months ago

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A shady oasis for everyone in Grand Park
A shady oasis for everyone in Grand Park

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