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A Place Called Home

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APCH is a safe haven in South Central LA where underserved youth are empowered to take ownership of their lives through programs in education, arts, and well-being and are inspired to make a meaningful difference in their community and the world.

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Through LA2050, APCH will help beautify our South Los Angeles neighborhood, improve fitness and wellbeing, expand opportunities for education, and encourage broader horizons and a sense of community by engaging all residents, young and old. APCH believes that your zip code should not define your future; through our innovative, wrap-around services we will provide thousands of children and families in the 90011 area with safe spaces to play and thrive.

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Number of parks with intergenerational play opportunities (Dream Metric)

Number (and quality) of informal spaces for play (Dream Metric)

Describe in greater detail how you will make LA the best place to play.


From its humble beginnings over 22 years ago, APCH has evolved from an afterschool drop-in program in the basement of a church to a community center representing 25,000 square feet, including an athletic field, commercial kitchen, garden and dance studio. We serve an annual average of 900 boys and girls from more than 100 elementary, middle and high schools in South Los Angeles.

At APCH we believe that zip code should not determine a child’s future, so we offer a comprehensive array of free programs spanning academics, athletics, the arts, and more with the goal of enriching our members’ lives and helping them become excited to learn and grow. We propose to:

Create Opportunities to Play - Our South Central neighborhood currently lacks safe places for children to play. Through our totally free programming and open membership process we create healthy avenues for activity and joy. We plan to expand the South Central Sports League, which we founded and currently facilitate. This League provides an opportunity for hundreds of youth from APCH and partner organizations to play competitive sports in a supportive environment completely free of charge. We also offer 125 enriching field trips throughout the year, including sailing camp, horseback riding, sporting events, and more.

Expand Safe Places to Play- An important part of encouraging play and community is providing safe spaces for local residents to gather. APCH has already built two community gardens, in addition to our on-site garden, and will continue to expand by building a new, even larger garden over the coming year. Our vision is for a “Green Corridor” linking APCH, the Newton Division Police Station, and Jefferson High School. We will also increase the number of community clean ups we coordinate throughout the year (currently averaging six per year), helping to create a physically pleasing neighborhood that will inspire pride and active ownership.

Engage the Community in Change- For our plans to be successful, all community members must be aware of, equipped for, and able to participate in the opportunities available. By building on our existing relationships, APCH will generate awareness and participation in community change. This will be accomplished through parental education workshops held at APCH, regular stakeholder meetings, our annual community events including the Health & Garden Expo, and the distribution of nearly $1 million in groceries, toys, books, and more.

Please explain how you will evaluate your work.


We will monitor this proposal’s progress by tracking the number of community members taking advantage of our services and community spaces and through pre and post surveys given during the beginning and end of key projects and events. These surveys will gauge residents’ knowledge of local services and resources, satisfaction with our programs, as well as their perspectives on and involvement in the neighborhood.

All APCH youth members are also tracked through KidTrax, a performance measurement and participant management software designed specifically for youth-serving nonprofit organizations.

How can the LA2050 community and other stakeholders help your proposal succeed? (check all that apply)

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Quality improvement research

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Have seen the amazing results.

by dianarnold
5 months ago

God bless all.

by sarozbgds
5 months ago

I just voted, good luck!!!

by jorge90027
5 months ago

This is an outstanding organizations bringing vital services and programs to the youth and their families in South Central Los Angeles. Their work demonstrative of what a charitable organization should be and do.

by bowerssons
5 months ago

An Outstanding Organization helping children and young adults. Caring & supportive staff! Keep up the great work! All the Best!

by annar
5 months ago

Great experience every time I've visited APCH, keep up the great work!!

by Davidfdez
5 months ago

Love your program APCH! Your leadership in improving quality of life is inspiring. Good luck winning the grant. Looking forward to seeing those funds put to great use!

by Nikmatb
5 months ago

Bodybeast, supporting the kids in South Central! Especially the guy that runs the corporations department. Looking real beasty!

by bodybeast
6 months ago

APCH definitely deserves all the support it can get, good luck!

by aleksei
6 months ago

I LOVE YOU APCH! Especially that guy that runs the corporations department. :)

6 months ago

APCH is amazing. The staff here is so loving and caring and they have great programs for the community. A+ organization and team.

by boydbear56
6 months ago

Great to see a lot of support and initiative from community. Keep up the good work and good luck!

by stephanie_gunawan
6 months ago

cool to see so much support, this place changed my life, thank you apch!!!!

by sloppyjose
6 months ago

Great work Laura!

by Jsantana
6 months ago

Got my vote!

by jwilson89
6 months ago

APCH is an amazing organization that makes the world a better place every single day by changing the lives of the underserved youth in South Central Los Angeles. Please encourage your family and friends to cast their votes for APCH to win this $100,000 grant . . . they so deserve it!!!

by cr8vldy
6 months ago

I just vote,good luck APCH

by 1araceli
6 months ago

I adore A Place Called Home and am so happy to cast my vote for such an incredible organization. Good luck!

by MJSR1985
6 months ago

Just voted! Good luck APCH!

by cakecakecake
6 months ago

APCH is an amazing organization, positively impacting children all over South Central LA. Hope you win!!!!

by KatieSaria
6 months ago

Great proposal! especially the green corridor part

by kdocekal
6 months ago

Good luck APCH!!!

by 1nzj
6 months ago

GO APCH! Keep changing lives!!!

by Franciscojruizm
6 months ago

Just cast my vote! Fingers crossed :)

by golffan
6 months ago

I found this place through a friend, what an amazing organization.. need more like it

by mrswood
6 months ago

Just voted! Good luck, APCH!!!

by skryoki
6 months ago

APCH is an outstanding organization providing South LA families a grand opportunity to grow! They truly deserve this award!

by gooddaysunshine
6 months ago

It would be so cool to see APCH win this - it will change thousands of lives! Thanks LA2050!

by LA2050Rocks
6 months ago

I love A Place Called Home!! Excited to see what they're going to be doing in the future!

by skryoki
6 months ago

This sounds awesome! Especially the expansion of gardens in South Central - such a big need for nice spaces in the neighborhood.

by golffan
6 months ago

Such an important organization don't very important work in South LA!! Definitely gets my vote!

by krispybacon
6 months ago

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A shady oasis for everyone in Grand Park

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