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Los Angeles is a desert. As residents, we have a responsibility to efficiently address the continuous issue of water scarcity through sustainable practices. Our solution of green roofing is the process of covering rooftops with plant-life in order to provide insulation and significantly lower building temperatures. Water-efficient native vegetation can be applied to green roofing and other landscaping purposes. With this approach, UCLA supports its local economy, while substantially reducing water consumption and air conditioning costs. Project Oasis keeps UCLA at the forefront of university sustainability by implementing an innovative green solution that addresses multiple environmental challenges.

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Andre Marcarian, Junior


Joey Abram, Junior


Kimberly Duong, Junior


Gibson Han, Freshman

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Sounds like an interesting idea! Go Kim and your team! Good luck to all of you!! =)

by making_a_comeback_05
almost 4 years ago | Reply

awesome idea...

by monsieurwise
almost 4 years ago | Reply


by benelliman
almost 4 years ago | Reply

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Beyond Plastic: UCLA Goes Plastic Free
Beyond Plastic: UCLA Goes Plastic Free

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